Processor Options 
Four MM8E 4K words core memory modules, total 16K words
VM8E 16K words MOS memory board
EAE Extended Arithmatic Element
KC8-EA Programmers Console
KL8-J Teletype control

Peripheral Options 

RK8E Control with RK05 Hard disk drive
RX8E Control with RX02 Dual 8 inch floppy disk drive
TC8E Dectape control with TU56 Dectape drive
VC8E Point plot control with VR14 monitor
PC8E Control with PC04 high speed paper tape reader and punch

Feel free to contact me, David Gesswein with any questions, comments on the web site, or if you have related equipment, documentation, software etc. you are willing to part with.  I am interested in anything PDP-8 related, computers, peripherals used with them, DEC or third party, or documentation. 

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