MFM Reader/Emulator Tested Configuration

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MFM Version

Symbolics 3640 Standard Unknown Reading working. Emulation works with the front end processor but the Lisp processor can't access the second drive. 1.0pre16
Compaq Plus OMTI 5510 Tulin Reading Working
Emulation mostly working
S-100 OMTI 5400 Unknown Emulation working. Reading not reported. 1.0pre9
Z80 CP/M OMTI 5510 ST225 Reading working 1.0pre9
VAXStation RQDX3 RD53 Reading and emulation working Early
MSDOS PC WD1003 ST225 Reading working 1.0pre9
Genie3s CP/M OMTI5528 ST225 Unsupported, RLL 1.0pre9
PDP-11/73 RQDX3 RD5x Working for reading and emulation. See Info 1 and Info 2 1.0pre9
NorthStar Advantage NorthStar ST506 & others Reading a disk works. The N* does not always like the emulator file created directly from the read. Drives that the rotation is a little slow have problems. Creating an extracted data file then using ext2emu creates a file the N* likes better. The N* does not like to format a newly initialized image. Use an image read from a drive or created with ext2emu. 1.0pre9 and 1.0pre12
Corvus H-Series Flat-Cable Drive Corvus IMI 5018 Working for reading and emulation. 1.0pre9
TRS-80 Model 4P WD1010A Tandon TM503 Working for reading and emulation. Drive is an external Tandy Fifteen Meg Disk System. mfm_read reports controller type WD_1006 1.0pre9
DEC Rainbow 100 WD1010 N/A Working for emulation. See forum posting. 1.0pre9
Cromemco 68000 STDC N/A Working for emulation with 16 head and 3200 cylinder image. Does not know how to decode disk format currently. 1.0pre11 (earlier had some problems)
IBM 3174-61R N/A N/A Working for emulation. 1.0pre9
Xerox 6085 Daybreak running Interlib D/Medley and Viewpoint 2.1 N/A Maxtor XT2190 Working for emulation and reading disk. 1.0pre9
AT&T 3B1 WD1010 chip Seagate ST-4096 Working for emulation and reading disk. The operating system reserves one spare sector on each track for bad block handling. The sparing is not marked in the sector headers so the extracted data file will not be corrected for the spare sectors. Some tools for working with 3B1 extracted data files are here 1.0pre15
AT&T 3B2 running SVR3 3.2 N/A N/A Working for emulation. Unknown if reading disk works. 1.2 (Earlier unreliable)
Motorola MVME131, MVME147, MVME167, MVME187, and MVME197 MVME320A and MVME320B Miniscribe 6085 Working for emulation and reading disk. 1.0pre19 (Earlier doesn't work)
Kaypro 10 Standard Tandon Reading and emulating working 1.0
Televideo 22986-00 Miniscribe 3425 Reading and emulating working 1.0
ICL Personal Computer running Concurrent CP/M-86 release 3.1.R Xebec S1410 Rodime RO202 Reading and emulating working. May need to specify --begin_time 220000 if initializing emulation file. 1.4
Apple IIe Sider SASI with Xebec 1410A ST125 Reading and emulating working. May need to specify --begin_time 100500 if initializing emulation file. 1.5 (Earlier doesn't work)
Intercontinental Micro Systems S-100. OMTI 5200 N/A Emulating and decoding emulator file working. 1.4
Victor 9000/Sirius 1. Xebec S1410 Rodime RO202 Reading disk and emulating working. 1.5
Tandy 6000 WD1010 N/A Emulating working with XENIX. Emulation not working with TRSDOS-II 1.14
E-mu Emulator II sampling keyboard Unknown N/A Working for emulation. Reading not tested. 1.14
Compupro 8-16 Compupro Disk-3 Quantum Q-540 Working for emulation and reading. 1.16
NCR DM-V WD 1002-HD0 Unknown Working for emulation and reading with MSDOS 2.11, CP/M 2.1, CP/M 86 1.16

Email me any test results you have.

Feel free to contact me, David Gesswein with any questions, comments on the web site, or if you have related equipment, documentation, software etc. you are willing to part with.  I am interested in anything PDP-8 related, computers, peripherals used with them, DEC or third party, or documentation. 

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