Directory of linctape-images/linc-8-dial/lap6-with-l54.linc

This directory is in the format the DIAL operating system uses, where each file name normally has both a source and binary file associated with it. Each BN column is the number of the first block of the file in octal. Each BLKS column is the number of 256-word blocks occupied by the file. The links below will return the file in various formats.

Clicking the BN link will display source files in ASCII and information on binary files with a choice of download formats.
Clicking the BLKS link will return files in PIP image format.

Download this image linctape-images/linc-8-dial/lap6-with-l54.linc

Unsorted Directory Listing

  Name    BN  BLKS   BN  BLKS
 * * * *    0   13            
 * * * *  400    4            
8-CB                 130   10  
8-DX                 510    4  
8-PX                 514    4  
FOCAL                450   20  
FOCAL-S              470   20  
FORCODE              330    4  
FORCOM               334   22  
FORFILE              404   23  
FORTRACE             111   17  
MS DUMP              356    1  

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