Directory of /reder/dms/29.tu56

This directory is in the format the Disk Monitor System operating The links below will return the file in various formats.

ASCII converts ASCII files to readable text
INFO gives information on executables with a choice of download formats.
BINLDR converts the file back to 8 bit binary loader format
IMAGE converts the file 12 bit words in two bytes

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Unsorted Directory Listing



.CD..SYS (0) 0006 INFO   IMAGE  
.R.R.USER(0) 0000 INFO   IMAGE  
COV0.USER(0) 0037 INFO   IMAGE  
COV1.USER(1) 0037 INFO   IMAGE  
EDIT.SYS (0) 0015 INFO   IMAGE  
EX C.SYS (0) 0121 INFO   IMAGE  
FLB0.USER(0) 0037 INFO   IMAGE  
FLB1.USER(1) 0012 INFO   IMAGE  
FTC0.SYS (0) 0037 INFO   IMAGE  
FTC1.SYS (1) 0010 INFO   IMAGE  
LLDR.SYS (0) 0034 INFO   IMAGE  
LLL1.USER(1) 0036 INFO   IMAGE  
LOAD.SYS (0) 0003 INFO   IMAGE  
PIP .SYS (0) 0025 INFO   IMAGE  
SAB1.SYS (1) 0011 INFO   IMAGE  
SABR.SYS (0) 0035 INFO   IMAGE  

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