File CRAPS.BA (BASIC source file)

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61B 3R;I+TJ 3CGR3P^ 3AWM""*M62B 3R;I+TJ 7WSI7HR +HCE3C7O7PSU+ECR+ACS7YWO3R> 3P?P3N;E+TB.3TWH6 WR7LOE6 KA7EN 7ICM/L+E""*M63B 3R;I+TJ * B **CA27> /RF 21> 7NR +HCE7FKI+SCT3R3O7L^ 7ION""6 *JB43P	R+NCT*"B 2 F** 22* 236 KO. J12 ;O2 T3EZ 7IOR7TJ 3O3L2 ?L7SOE""*M
5B 3R;IT*M66B 3R;I+TJ 7A	N6 SO7HKE6 WN3MWB7RJ 3O3L+ECD3BOE3OWM7S& 7OKU6 B	3O;I+TB	6.& +OCU3C;O3T;I+UKE.M^J6 KP7ISN6 R"7OJ 3O3L*.:.+ICF7YWO2 WG7T& 7OKU2 ?P7ISN6,& +OCU3W;I2.& 7F& +OCU3R3O3LF * 27""6 *JB83P	R+NCT2"?Y3U2 3OWS6.R +HCE3DOI3EN 3H;A+GCE3H;A+DCS3
WH7NR 7HOI2 GH3PWP+N;S""6 *JB93P	RN7T.JB16 KP7ISN.MFJ61B 3R;I+TJ 3WGH3T: 3UKM+ECR7BSE3WWE/NF 2 ;A/D^ *1B1+ICS3LOU+KCY7FKO2 ?Y7UR 3OGD/Y.".MFJ22& 7NWP3T: .MFJ23Z +OCR/I6 * B1+TCON6 .JR12 WL7T" 6 J=+NDI6).JV12 WN+XCTI6 .JZ12 WL7T* *=*57ISN.(B1.+F12*;R3D&(")
).J^16 KP7ISN6 N"3PWL3N	D+D:.*.:.7YWO6 KA3E^ 3IWV+NJ .;/Z2"?D3LGL+RCS+TCO3PGL7Y^ 3IT".6".J"16 KP7ISN.MFJ69B 3R;IT*M*2B03R7E2 [I* CN+ICS3EWV+N^ 7YWO6	J 3O3L2 	F7RSS2,& 3F: 6 OI2 SO+D^ +IB	3R3O3LZ 7IOR+TB..MJJ21& 3F: *-*27ISN*(?N.26)60R 3H;E. ^2.MJJ222 +ECT
W6="16 .JN26 KP7ISN2 &"2	3L2 ?R+LCL7FKI+S;T*.:.*.B".MJJ64B 3R;IT*M*2B53P	RN7T.JZ22 ?G+TCO"361.J^22 WL7T^ "=61.J"26 KP7ISN6 &"+OCU3R3O3LZ 7IOR+T:.*.:.""*M*2B93P	RN7T.JB36 KP7ISN.MNJ212 +ECT/QB=.MNJ62B 3R;I+TJ 7H
O6 WM+CCH+DCO7YWO2 WB+T" *$&$. ."" *M*3B37ICN+UCTB*M*3B43P	R+NCT2"/O*.:.*.J..MNJ65B 3R;IT*M*3B6+ICF3B&=+NT+BB)3TWH/NR "0*M*3B73P	RN7T.J"36 KP7ISN2 :"3ON 3O;I7SB 3E7R7IST+E;D6.WJ+SCT3B3I+L3S2 3P7EOA+EJ!.MNJ29^ 3O?T. J3" *M*4B0+ICF/BB=2 T+ECN.1"0.MRJ21& 3FJ
*</Z61R 3H;E. R4" *M*4B23P	R+NCT2"?D7NR	6 KT7YR 3OJ +ECT7MKO7ER 3H;A2 ?Y3U" 3AWV6,B 3LGE+SGE"!6".JN42 ?G+TCO"362.JR42 WL3TR 21&=+NT66J*+ND*1.)*1B).MRJ252 +ECT/D627ISN*(*63RSN*(&2*+&1" *M*4B67LSE. 7Q/QF+.MRJ272 +ECT3SR=21R+"2*M*4B8+ICF/WB>2 T+ECN*5B1.MRJ69
 3R;I+TJ 2 & 2 ?R+LKL.;GD2;F"+NKD.;KD";*M*5B07GSO/OV "2*M*5B13P	R+NCT2"?Y7UJ 3O3L2"R;*1J;3ASN2"R;"26;.JJ52 [I. 3Q*>B13TWH/N" "4*M*5B3+ICF*(7S*2*)*(7S*3*)*(7S*1&2*=B03TWH/NZ "2*M*5B4+ICF*(7S*7*)*(7S*1&1*=B03TWH/NZ "9*M*5B5+ICF/WB>2 T+ECN*5B8.MVJ66B 3R;I+TJ
+SCO+MCY3P	O+NCT+IKS.;/S.MVJ27^ 3O?T. &5.MVJ68B 3R;I+TJ +SCO7YWO7RB 3O;I3T& /S."S6;.J&56 KP7ISN* :"*.:.2.WL7TN	2 ?R+LCL2	7E2 
A3A;I*.:.*.J." *M*6B07LSE. 7PS*M*6B17GSO/OR "4*M*6B23P	R+NCT2";A3DN 7RCA6 WO+T:.".6".JN62 WL3TN "=61.JR62 [I. ;W60R 3H;E. ^6" *M*6B57LSE. 7Z3ZJ+.MZJ26^ 3O?T. V7.MZJ272 +ECT7Z*="-7B.J"62 ?G+TCO"765.J&66 KP7ISN2 F"+NCD7POA+S:.*.:.""*M*7B07LSE. 7C"1*M*7B1+IC
/WB>2 T+ECN*7B4.M^J222 +ECT7Z*="-7B.JN72 ?G+TCO"765.JR72 WL7T* *=/ZB*M*7B53P	RN7T.JZ72 [I. 3Z61R 3H;E. B1"4*M*7B73P	R+NCT2"?Y3U: +OCW7H[A+EJ .;/Z2"?D3LGL+RCS3L[E+T:.*.:.""*M*7B8+ICF/CB>2 T+ECN*8B1.M^J69B 3R;I+TJ 3CGH3NWG2 	D+CCE7N
O*.:.*.J." *M*8B03P	RN7T.JF82 WL7T^ *=+WC*M*8B27LSE. 7Q"0*M*8B37GSO/ON "2*M*8B4+ICF/S:<67R 3H;E. J9.M"J65B 3R;I+TJ 3ASN2 ?L+S;E*.:.".6".JZ82 WL3TN .=F-" *M*8B7+ICF/WB>2 T+ECN*9B0.M"J282 +ECT7Z*="+7B.J&82 ?G+TCO"765.JB92 WL7T* *=7ZB*M*9B17GSO/O^ "5*M*9B2+I
F7SB=2 T+ECN*9B5.M&J63B 3R;I+TJ *.:.3R3O3LF 3G	A+N:.*.:.""6 .JR92 ?G+TCO"464.JV92 [I. ;W60R 3H;E. B1"0*M*9B63P	R+NCT2";A3D6 3AWK6 	M2 ?P7ISN*.:.*.J." *M*9B77LSE. 7C"1*M*9B87LSE. 7Z3ZJ-.M&J29^ 3O?T. V7.MFJ*0B03P	R+NCT2";A3D6 3AWK2 ?Y+UCR3P	O+N;T*.:.*.B".MF
*0B17LSE. 7C"1*M.1J02 WL7T* *=/ZB*M.1N02 ?G+TCO"765.JB164B 3R;IT*M.1V06 KP7ISN6 &"+OCU7H[A7EJ +UCN7OSU2 [O2 ?M7N	E*.:.2.?S7R	R2 KA7OSU2 T+A;T*.:.*.B".MFJ*0B63P	R+NCT2"T3A/N3SZ +OCR3TWH2 GG+M;E*.:.2.WB3TWT3R2 3U/C2 WN+XCT3T7I+EB,7PKA3DWN+RJ!.MFJ*0B77GSO/OF
*1B0.MFJ*0B83P	R+NCT2"T3A/N3SZ +OCR3TWH2 GG+M;E*.:.2.;A3DN 3O

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Feel free to contact me, David Gesswein with any questions, comments on the web site, or if you have related equipment, documentation, software etc. you are willing to part with.  I am interested in anything PDP-8 related, computers, peripherals used with them, DEC or third party, or documentation. 

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