Information on file FPP2.BN

The file extension .BN is normally used for binary files.

Convert to 8 bit PIP image format. This also converts .BN file to paper tape image.
Convert to kermit encoded image format.
Display PDP-8 8 bit packed characters as text.
Display PDP-8 6 bit characters as text.
Display as 12 bit octal data.

This file is an OS/8 binary loader file.
Loads into memory:
00200-00200   00007-00007   00055-00060   07000-07157   07200-07364   07400-07577   00062-00062   05400-05571   07201-07204   07207-07207   07227-07232   07314-07314   07320-07320   07376-07377   00040-00054   00061-00061   05600-05776   06000-06173   06200-06374   06400-06575   06600-06775   

Feel free to contact me, David Gesswein with any questions, comments on the web site, or if you have related equipment, documentation, software etc. you are willing to part with.  I am interested in anything PDP-8 related, computers, peripherals used with them, DEC or third party, or documentation. 

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