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I3HWT+ECN3H3O+EB".MNJ6 KP7ISN* B"****2 C7ACM3I;O3S	H3P2 3A?Y+U3T2 ?L7CSA+ECD7JOU3TF 2 S7OSR2 	D3SGT3NWC""*M64B 3R;I+TJ * **2*Z 3R7O2 T3E" 7EKA3T> 3FJ 7EWA3T[I+UCL7D
O3N?T+WCN7M	A7NKA+DJ." *M65B 3R;I+TB"****2 T3EN 3O7M7ESN3A?T7R^ 3I3L6 E3PGL+ICN3TWH2 ?C7UOR3EF 7S& +OKU" *M66B 3R;I+TB"****2 3P+A;Y2 V 3N?J7Y& 7OKU2 GG/M/E2 WS7E& +OCU+ACT3TWH. &1+TCH3H3O+E:.".6"*JB73P	RN7T*JB83R7E3A/R3A3B7YR 3R;A3SGL3TSE2 ?T6 OO28J 3A	S3
J 3Y. +ACY+RB.7FOI7HKE* :.2.WDC*M29R +ICM/LF("06).JB12 2 +ECT/G61*1B8.MJJ*0B 7LSE. KG"=60.JB32 2 +ECT/G63"0*M*4B02 WL3TF *=B0.MVJ*0B 7LSE. 7N".68.JB62 2 +ECT/S62"0*M*7B02 WL3TZ *=B1.M"J60B 3R;I+TJ 3WGH3T& 7S& +OCU3H;A3DOI+AKP";*M*9B07ICN+UCTH*M.1B02 [I. ;
J*5B07ICN+UCTT*M.1B62 [I. ;T65R 3H;E. J1"0*M.1B72 2 +ECT/S61"0*M.2B12 GR3N?D7M+IE*M.2B32 2 +ECT/LB(.)B=.MJJ*4B02 WL3T* *=B0.MJJ*4B52 WL7TF *=B0.MJJ*5B02 WL7TN .26 . KS*+B1.MJJ*6B02 WL3T. *=B0.MJJ*7B0+ICF/FF=2 T+ECN.3B1.MJJ*9B03P	R+NKT7YWO7RN 7CKO3E> 3N" 3
WL2"Z;.-.12"GW/S."S61.J&221^ 7OR /OF .7B5" *M.2J92 [I. GS*>/P62R 3H;E. &2"76 .J&223& 7FN 61B=2 T+ECN.2&9" *M.2R92 [I. GS*=7P61R 3H;E. B3"16 .J&225& 7FN 61B=*-B23TWH/NN *0B3.MJJ*9B6+GCO+TCO. F3"06 .J&267B 3R;I3T."7ECE2 ?Y+UCR3HGE3DR 3O;W".6".J&228^ 7OR /ON
"160.J&269B 3R;I3TF"2 GP+RB.3NOI3E^ 3O;I+GJ..MNJ*0B0+GCO+TCO.3B1.MNJ*0B13P	R+NCT*"CA7BKI3DWI""6 .JB322^ 7OR /ON "160.JB323& 7FB *=B33TWH/NN "066.JB364B 3R;I3TF"6 KG7ESA2 	B3GV 3A3G+EJ:.MNJ*0B5+GCO+TCO.3B1.MNJ*0B63P	R+NCT*"CA3H3O3E& 3N> +NKE.MNJ*1B0+ICF/FF
69R 3H;E. ^1"160.JF3*5B 7LSE. GS"=60.JF366B 3R;IT*M.3B22 [I. GS*=B03TWH/NF .5B9.MNJ*3B0+ICF/LB(.)F<2 T+ECN.1V1"0*M.3B42 2 +ECT/XB=" *M.3B52 [I* L.0:)65R 3H;E. F1"960.JZ360B 3R;I7TN"7HSO2 WW+NKT.;GD6;&"3ASR+SB.6 SI*	KS.;KD6;&"3ASR3SZ 3R7O2 T3EN +U;P""*M.3J
6 KP7ISN2"GB+LCL+IKS2;;I3T>(*)J;7YKA+DCS3O[F2 	L+N;E2.&.+NJ ";*M.3B82 ?G3SKU. B4"0*M.3B92 ?G+TCO.6B2" *M.4B02 [I* L/X6)61R 3H;E. "4"06 .JF420& 3F2 *(	X*=B23TWH/NV *0B0.MRJ*2B0+ICF7L"(.)N=2 T+ECN.5B2" *M.4B32 [I* L/X6)64R 3H;E. R5"06 .JR420& 3F2 *(	X*=B53T
H/NV *6B0.MRJ*5B0+ICF7L"(.)Z=2 T+ECN.5B8" *M.4B66 KP7ISN6"WO3T> 3FJ 3O;U+DKS" *M.4V62 ?G+TCO.1&6"0*M.4B76 KP7ISN2"
P7AJ 3UWL3S" 3ASN3IGC/P6 * B0+TCO*3J0.MRJ*7B27GSO/OF *5B0.MRJ*8B03P	R+NKT3F	A3RGW+YB".MRJ*9B07GSO/OF .6B9.MVJ*0B03P	R+NKT7RWO+GKH" *M.5B12 ?G+TCO.1&6"0*M.5B26 KP7ISN6"KT7EOE""6 .JN520^ 3O?T. Z1"960.JR560B 3R;I3TF"3DGJ3C;E3TZ 7AKI7W	A""*M.5B52 ?G+TCO.1&6"0
M.5B66 KP7ISN6"KT+AKP.MVJ*7B07GSO/OF .6B9.MVJ*8B03P	R+NKT7WSA+EKR" *M.5B92 ?G+TCO.1&6"0*M.6B22 [I. 7A61R 3H;E. J6"9*M.6F26 KP7ISN2"WS3LOE3T?I3N> 3FN 3LKUS6".JJ662B 3R;I7T&"3ASR3AWG2 WD7SKI+ECD* B * B * B * B * B * B 3S
U7GOE3TSE2 3C7UOB""6 .JJ663B 3R;I/TJ"*0B0+TCO.2B82 GY7ROD* B * B * B * B * B * B * B * B1+TCO* J4" *M.6R26 KP7ISN."B160R /OJ *0B07YKA+DCS* B * B * B * B * B * B . F 69R /OF *3B".MZJ*2B53P	R+NKT. B 2 ?T. B160& 3ASR+SB * B * B * B * B * B * B . &22 ?T. N2""
 .JJ6*6B 7LSE. 7A"16 .JJ669B 3R;I+TJ 3WGH3TN 3LKU2 ?D2 ?Y3UN 3H?O+SKE";6 .JN620& 7NWP3TN .MZJ*3B23P	RN7T.JN625& 3FN *<B13TWH/NZ "960.JN627& 3FN .>&22 T+ECN.6B9" *M.6B42 [I. ;C64R 3H;E. F7"0*M.6B52 [I* L.02)65R 3H;E. R7"06 .JZ620& 3FN .=R12 T+ECN.7B4" *M.6
62 [I. 7C*2B33TWH/N^ *4B0.MZJ*7B07GSO/OZ *9B0.MZJ*8B02 WL7TN .16 . GS*-B1.MZJ*9B03P	R+NKT3TGH3TN 3LKU6 OI2 ?N3T& 7NR +HCE3B
A".6".J&663B 3R;IT*M.7B02 ?G+TCO.6B2" *M.7B12 [I. 3C*1B23TWH/NZ *9B0.M^J*2B02 WL3TN *=7C"66 .JN720^ 3O?T. V6"06 .JR7*0B 7LSE. GS* B=+S.1"16 .JR7*1B 7LSE. 7W"16 .JR722& 3FN .>N12 T+ECN.9B6" *M.7Z42 [I2 ;I3TZ(*/&3*=?F63R 3H;E. V9"26 .JV722& 3FN *<B43TWH/N^ 
566.JV724^ 3O?T. Z7"06 .JV726& 3F2 *(&0*=B23TWH/N" *6B2.M^J*6B0+ICF/S:167R 3H;E. Z8"76 .J^7*0B 7LSE. GD2=;I+T"(.(B3*-	H**:2.5F+*867.(N(20"-*):**2.5*1&5**?C*2.)*2*53RSN*(	R")*M.7B82 2 +ECT/D617ISN.(GD**	W.M"J*0B0+ICF/TJ=2 T+ECN.1^1"06 .JJ860R *7"=3S;I.(GD.
B..0V3*)>)2(?C3SR(*1:*.0N0*5&).M"J*3B0+O"=3RSN*(&0./".*)"*22"*.+Z12)F*+BS+T&7.M"J*4B02 WL3TR 22&=+NT7SKQ6(;O22F++BS3DR-61:)*2&).M"J*5B0+ICF3DR-.1B<3TWH/N" "760.JZ820^ 3O?T. &8"06 .JZ862B 3R;I7T&"+OCU3DKU3BSE6 SI".6".JZ8*4B 7LSE. GD.=V3" *M.8Z62 ?G+TCO.8B3
 *M.8^62 [I. 3D.2B02 T+ECN.1B3"06 .JZ828^ 3O?T. ^7"06 .J^820& 3FR .2J<60R 3H;E. &8"0*M.8B86 KP7ISN2"?T3O6 3UC2 3C+U;B6 & +O
U+RCE7POA7TR +HCE3H3O+EJ." *M.8B92 2 +ECT3BR=" *M.9B02 2 +ECT3DR="2*M.9B12 [I. KD.>^22 T+ECN.1J0"06 .JJ920& 3FR .2J>60R 3H;E. F1*0B0.M&J*3B0+ICF/D:2*.B53TWH/NF .1B2" *M.9B42 2 +ECT/LB(.)&=.M&J*5B07GSO/OF .4B7.M&J*5B2+ICF+S.2+Q"+*1*0*(7F*1>)*1&82<Z(*-&1.*^
*2"+*(/H*1>)..V8*)>)*1B83TWH/N& *5B6.M&J*5B47GSO/O^ *5B2.M&J*5B62 WL7TF * B=/QF+" *M.9^52 [I. GS./222>;I7TN(.1J/6)R 3H;E. B1*1B1.M&J*5B87GSO/O" *6B2.M&J*6B03P	R+NKT7YWO2 GM3Y: +OCW3GGU+GCE7YWO3RR 7ISS3AON3EJ 7YB 3EOR7ESN. B.61R +O: *9J9" *M.9F66 KP7ISN2"W
3RWC+NCT3F3U7LN 3W;I+GJ ";*M.9B72 ;I7PSU" 7W.J^962B 3R;IT*M.9B82 [I. ;W61R 3H;E. "6"0*M.9V8* CI3F2 *(&0* B=65R 3H;E. J1*8B0.M&J*9B0+ICF/CF=64R 3H;E. Z7"06 .JB1*0B02 WL3TN * B=/CF-"0*M.1F020^ 3O?T. Z7"06 .JB1*1B1+ICF/D&<65R 3H;E. Z8"26 .JB1*1B23P	R+NKT3B3A
U/H."/D^-*5J;7YKA+DCS3F?R3M" 3OWL".6".JB1*1B42 WL3TR *=7D"765.JB1*1B87GSO/OZ *2B0.MFJ.0B22 [I. 3O*3B03TWH/NF .1B5.MFJ.0J22 [I. ;J60R 3H;E. F1*5B0.MFJ.0B32 [I. ;T60R 3H;E. B1*7B0.MFJ.0V32 2 +ECT/S69.(KS*+&1./V1.MFJ.0Z32 [I2 ;I7TN(.96)+SB93TWH/NF .0V7.MFJ.0
46 KP7ISN2"?Y3U" 3O/O+E7D. ."" *M.1V0*0B 7LSE* L.06)/LJ(")6 .JB1*5B5+ICF/OR>65R 3H;E. B1"962.JB1*6B07GSO/ON *2B0.MFJ.0B72 2 +ECT/S69.(KS*+&1./V1.MFJ.0F72 [I2 ;I7TN(.96)+SB93TWH/NF .0B4.MFJ.0V76 KP7ISN2"?Y7UN 3LOI+E7D. ."" *M.1"0*0B 7LSE* L.06)/LF(")6 .JB1
9B07GSO/OF .0V5.MFJ.0J96 KP7ISN2"GB7D	L".6".JB1*9B47GSO/ON *2B0.MFJ.1B02 2 +ECT/LB(.)V=.MFJ.1B12 ?G+TCO.3B2" *M.1J1*0B 7LSE* L.06)"8*M.1N1*0B 7LSE. KD2=;I3TR(.2N*")*M.1R120^ 3O?T. N1"860.JF1*5B02 WL3T2 *(&0"=61.JF1*6B07GSO/ON *2B0.MFJ.1B72 2 +ECT/D617ISN.
".25R*"16).JF1*8B07GSO/O" *3B0.MFJ.1B92 [I* L.0:)66R 3H;E. J1"660.JJ1*0B03P	R+NKT7YWO7RN 7HSO2 WW+NCT7ISN7O^ 3AWT+RJ..MFJ.2B12 2 +ECT+SB16=N .1F+" *M.1J260B 3R;I7TB"3EGN7L	T6 SS3R/O3EF 3SWS3SWS+DB.7HSI6 KF+OCM3PWR3V?I+UCS3LOO3A	T+O;N""*M.1N2*0B 7LSE. 7J/J
+" *M.1R2*0B 7LSE* L.06)"1*M.1R2*2B 7LSE. 7DB6 .JJ1*5B07GSO/OZ *2B0.MFJ.2B66 KP7ISN2"?Y+UCR3S?H7T^ 7ESN6 WO3T> 3FJ 3O;U+D;S""6 .JJ1*7B07GSO/OJ1*1B0.MFJ.2B82 [I. 7T63R 3H;E. N1*2B0.MFJ.3B02 2 +ECT/D62*1"+23&*+NT.(B8./R(20"-*)*)3RSN*(	R")6).JN1*1B07GSO/OF .
B8.MFJ.3B22 [I2 ;R7DJ(2):>2 T+ECN.1Z3"0*M.1N3*0B 7LSE. 7N+N:*"2*M.1R360B 3R;I7TN"7HSO6 WD3BWB+DB,3S	T+LCL+ICN3TGR+PJ." *M.1V320^ 3O?T. J6"06 .JN1*6B02 WL3T: .="..MFJ.3B72 ?G+TCO.1B3"0*M.1"360B 3R;I3T>"7NR +HCE3GWR+EKN.;KD2;Z"7ESE6 KF+OCM3TWH2 	P+NJ..MFJ.3
86 KP7ISN2"C7OOO7E& 7OKU6 WP+TCT7DOI3T;A+CCE+BCY7PSO3EON3Y: 3UKM+ECR61R /OF *3J..MFJ.3J86 KP7ISN6 B"7UST2 ?P3T;E+CCY3N7U7BKE*"B;.MFJ.4B02 ;I7PSU" 7I.JR1*1B02 WL7TN .16 . GS*+B1.MFJ.4B22 [I. GS*+61+P">+H:*.0J7.)J+2 T+ECN.1^4"06 .JR1*2B5+ICF/KJ>2 T+ECN.1^4"
6 .JR1*2B82 WL3T. *=/K"16 .JR1*3B0+ICF/TR=2 T+ECN.1N5"06 .JR1*4B02 WL3TR 22R=22&-.*R(*+*23RSN*(	R.)F+".65.JR1*5B0+ICF/D22*-B23TWH/NF .5B6" *M.1Z420& 3FR .2J>2 T+ECN.1B5"0*M.1^460B 3R;I7T&"+OCU3H3O+ECD+IKT.MFJ.4J76 KP7ISN.MFJ.4B82 2 +ECT3FZ=*+B1.MFJ.4B92 ?
+TCO.2B3" *M.1B560B 3R;I7TB"7UST2 S7OSR*.B".MFJ.5V02 2 +ECT/D627ISN.(KD")*M.1F520^ 3O?T. N1"860.JV1*3B02 WL3TR 22R=22&-.*R(*+*13RSN*(	R.)F+.MFJ.5B52 ?G+TCO.1V4"0*M.1Z560B 3R;I7TB"7AOS+ECD+BCY7CCU".6".JV1*7B02 WL3TR *26=D62.JV1*8B07GSO/OF .5V0.MFJ.5B92 WR+
CD7DB,*,L*12)/LJ(")6 .JV1*9B53P	RN7T.JZ1*0B03P	R+NKT7YWO6 KA3EF 7TR +ECE+OCF3H3O/E."+FJ;2 	D3SGT3NWC2"R;6;&"3ASR+SB,7PKA6"B;";*M.1B6*5B 7LSE. OG.=OG*+CP.MFJ.6B26 KP7ISN2";O2 ?Y+UCR3R
I+HCT+ICS""6;.JZ1*3B02 WL7T" *=B1.MFJ.6B42 ?G3SKU. B4"0*M.1V660B 3R;I3T>"7N& 7OKU2 WL+FCT+ICS*"B;.MFJ.6B62 2 +ECT/XJ=" *M.1^620^ 7OWS/BR "060.JZ1*8B07GSO/OZ *2B0.MFJ.6B92 WR7TKUN6 .J^1*0B07DSA/AN *621.4R,*,22.3&8*,24.3N,.,B2.6N,*,24.2V,*020.5^,*,B2.MFJ.7J
2 GD+TCA.4"0*,24.2R,.,V3.9R,*,26.4R,*224.4R,*,22.3"8*,24.4R," *M.1B724R 3AGT. &1.6N,*,27.2R,*020.4^,*,22.5B6*,25.7J,.,N1.2N,*,22"26 .J^1*0B67DSA/AN *527.4R,*,24.2R9*,24.2R,.,^4.5V,*,22.3N,*725.4R,*,B2.MFJ.7"02 GD+TCA.1B8*,23.6J,.,V5.0V,*,26"66 .J^1*1B03P	
N7T.J^1*5B02 WL3T^ 22^=62N+"1*M.1Z760B 3R;I7TR"3OGT7LB +ACR7FKO2"Z;.-.12"?H7LOE6 OI2"^;*3J;2 ?Y+UCR7TSO+ACL+IKS.;KG.MFJ.7F62 [I. GG*=7F61R 3H;E. ^1"760.J^1*6B57GSO/OJ *9B2.MFJ.7B72 ;ED*MBZ

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Feel free to contact me, David Gesswein with any questions, comments on the web site, or if you have related equipment, documentation, software etc. you are willing to part with.  I am interested in anything PDP-8 related, computers, peripherals used with them, DEC or third party, or documentation. 

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