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*1B02 WL3TF 21&=+NT*1*43RSN*(	X*+&6.MJJ*0B 7LSE. 7X"1*M*3B02 WR+M* **B*3C;O7VKE3TSE6 KF+OCM3BGR+NCD7XR 3OR 3I	G3T3A6 OR+T?S3EJ 3YR 3A	V3DF H7L.JV32 WR7MKA3KKA+LCY3TGR3N3S3AWT7DR 3O> +SB87BOA+ICC+BCY7K	A* ;R2 	F3SWH+R: 2.R.E7C.JB46 B 3R;I+TJ * ;N+BB.3T	H7S
N""*M*5B06 KP7ISN* B"3A?B+UCT3HOO7K	E2 	L+KCE7MOY3E[L*.B *-6-* ;C6 WB7TKT+EKY.MZJ*0B 3P	R+NCT6"R 7HOI6 OI2 ?C3RWN+LCL+UB.3HOO7K	E".6".JB76 B 3R;I+TJ * CI+ACM7CKO3N3E+LB,3W?H6 KA7E& +OKU";*M*9B02 ;I7PSU* SA.MFJ*0B06 KP7ISN" *M.1B16 B 3R;I+TJ 2 ?Y3U" 3AWV2 
3RWE2 S7OOT":6".JJ1*0B 3P	R+NCT*"B * B *1B.3SGL7PN 7HSO".6".JN1*0B 3P	R+NCT*"B * B *2B.3F	L+CCK3S?H+TJ..MFJ*4B06 KP7ISN* B"* B * :36 KW7ISS2 S+O;T""*M.1B56 B 3R;IT6 .JZ1*0B 3P	R+NCT2"" 3EWR6 OI2 T3EZ 3AWC2-[O+FJ:.MFJ*7B06 KP7ISN* B"3S?C/R+E""*M.1B86 B 3R;
+TJ 2 ?C3RWN+LCL2"F;.MFJ*9B06 KP7ISN* B"2"F;*$J;. ."B*M.2B02 & 7F" *=B23TWH/NJ "460.JF2*0B +ICF/XN=2 T+ECN.2B6.MJJ*2B02 [I* /A/B: *=" .1N/.*GA6)R 3H;E. V1"660.JN2*0B 7GSO/OJ "960.JR2*0B +ICF3AJ+. 6>. J(*/*3+A&12 T+ECN.1N6"0*M.2B52 ^ 3O?T. &2"0*M.2B62 & +F
 3AJ+.): *=" +A&12 T+ECN.1F7"0*M.2B72 ^ 3O?T. &2"0*M.2B82 & 3FJ *=B33TWH/NF .5B6.MJJ*9B02 WL3TN 2=;I/TJ(2*;R7D"(.)F+")*M.3B02 & 3FN *=B13TWH/NN "360.JF3*0B 3P	R+NCT*"J *;SA*;B"3W;I7SR +HCE3FOA3E>-+F;F""*M.3B22 ^ 3O?T. V6"0*M.3B36 B 3R;I+TJ 2 ?C3RWN+LCL3T/
+ECS3TWH2 GF+C7E3O[F".6".JR3*0B 7LSE. 7D7ISN*(*33RSN*(	X*+&1.MNJ*5B02 [I. 7D61R 3H;E. B5"0*M.3B62 & 3FR *=B23TWH/NV "760.J^3*0B 3P	R+NCT6"^ 7ROI7TN 7HSO*.:.""*M.3B82 2 +ECT3E&=+NT65J*+ND+X.)"16).J&3*0B +ICF/ER=2 T+ECN.4B7.MRJ*0B06 KP7ISN* B"3S?H3T& 3S6 7I
S+E;D""*M.4B12 2 +ECT3F&=+NT62J*+ND+X.)"16).JJ4*0B +ICF/FF=2 T+ECN.4B5.MRJ*3B06 KP7ISN* B"7CKO3N3E7LJ 3EGG7ION2 T7EB 3U/C".6".JR4*0B 7GSO/ON "460.JV4*0B 3P	R+NCT*"J *;SA*;B"3T/A+ECS3TWH6 WP+C;K""*M.4B62 ^ 3O?T. V6"0*M.4B76 B 3R;I+TJ * **3G?O+D*!"*6".J"4*0
 7LSE. 7A/AF+.MRJ*9B02 ?G+TCO.1B6.MVJ*0B06 KP7ISN* B"3SGL7PN 7HSO*.:.""*M.5B12 2 +ECT/C617ISN*(*33RSN*(	X*+&1.MVJ*2B02 [I. GC*=B23TWH/NV "460.JN5*0B 7GSO/OV "660.JR5*0B 3P	R+NCT2"& 3C;I7GB 3EGN7L	T*.:.*.J..MVJ*5B02 ?G+TCO.4B5.MVJ*6B02 ?G+TCO.3B8.MVJ*7B06 
P7ISN* B"3F	L+CCK3S?H+T:.""*M.5B82 2 +ECT/S617ISN*(*33RSN*(	X*+&1.MVJ*9B02 [I. GS*=B33TWH/NZ "160.JB6*0B 7GSO/OZ "460.JF6*0B 3P	R+NCT6"B 3EGN7L	T2 ?F3R" 3IG6 SS3I/C3I
N2!N 3O;R3E3L2 GM7NB +UCT+ICN7BO2 ?FR6".JJ6*0B 3P	R+NCT6"R +WCO3M;I3UWT+SJ!.MZJ*3B02 ?G+TCO.1F1"0*M.6B42 ^ 3O?T. "3"0*M.6B56 B 3R;I+TJ 2 ?Y+UCR3S?H/T.".MZJ*6B02 ;I7PSU" 7G.J^6*0B +ICF/GF=2 T+ECN.7B2.MZJ*8B02 [I. 7G62R 3H;E. B9"0*M.6B92 & 3F^ *=B33TWH/N& "
60.JB7*0B 3P	R+NCT2"& 7NWP3TV 3IT+ECR*	^1. J	2	> +R^ *3J	.M^J*1B02 ?G+TCO.6B5.M^J*2B06 KP7ISN* B"3SGL7PN 7HSO".6".JN7*0B 7LSE. GZ2=;I/TN(2*;R7D"(.)F+")*M.7B42 & 7F* .1J=2 T+ECN.7B6.M^J*5B02 ?G+TCO.7B8.M^J*6B06 KP7ISN* B"3I	C+NCG3P;E7ASL+Y:.*.:.""*M.7B72 ^
3O?T. B1"960.J"7*0B 7LSE. 7H7ISN*(*53RSN*(	X*+&1.M^J*9B02 [I. 7H61R 3H;E. ^8"0*M.8B06 B 3R;I+TJ 2 S+OCT+ICS3WSI+EJ..M"J*1B02 WL3T& 2=;I/TJ(2*;R7D"(.)F+")*M.8B22 & 3F& *=B13TWH/N" "560.JN8*0B 3P	R+NCT2"N 3O;R3E3L2 GT7KOE2 T7EB 3U/C".6".JR8*0B 7GSO/O& "960.
V8*0B 3P	R+NCT*"J *;SA*;B"3R
E3A;I7SR +HCE3POU+KJ..M"J*6B02 ?G+TCO.6B5.M"J*7B06 KP7ISN* B"2*^*3OSO*!**""*M.8B82 2 +ECT3BJ="+61.J&8*0B 7GSO/OF "660.JB9*0B 3P	R+NCT2"Z 3LOI7KN 7HSO*.:.".6".JF9*0B 7LSE. GB2=;I/TN(2*;R7D"(.)F+")*M.9B22 & 3FJ .1F=2 T+ECN.9B4.M&J*3B02 ?G+TCO.9B6.M&J*4B06 K
7ISN* B"3I	C+NCG3P;E7ASL+Y:.*.:.""*M.9B52 ^ 3O?T. N8"0*M.9B62 ^ 3O?T. "7"0*M.9B76 B 3R;I+TJ 6 KW7ISS2 S+O;T".6".J"9*0B 7GSO/O^ "860.J&9*0B 3P	R+NCT2"N 3O;R3E3L2 S/O+T""*M.1B0*0B 7LSE. 7J7ISN*(*33RSN*(	X*+&1.MFJ.0B12 & 3F* *=B13TWH/NF .1B6.MFJ.0B22 & 3F* *
B23TWH/NF .2B1.MFJ.0B36 B 3R;I+TJ 2 3S+ACP3S?H+TJ..MFJ.0B42 2 +ECT3K&=+NT65J*+ND+X.)"16).JB1*5B02 [I. 7K61R 3H;E. F1"360.JB1*6B06 KP7ISN* B"3S?H3T" 7IOT2 T7EB 7OSS".6".JB1*7B02 WL3T2 2=;I/TJ(2*;R7D"(.)F+")*M.1"0*0B +ICF/LF=2 T+ECN.1F1"0*M.1&0*0B 3P	R+NCT2
N 3O;R3E3L2 WR3G	A+NCS3TWH6 WP+C;K""*M.1B1*0B 7GSO/O& "960.JF1*1B06 KP7ISN* B"2"F;*$J;2 WR3G	A+NCS3TWH6 WP+C;K""*M.1J1*0B 7GSO/OF .3B1.MFJ.1B36 B 3R;I+TJ * **3G?O+D*!"*6".JF1*4B02 WL3TF *=/A"1*M.1V1*0B 7GSO/OF "660.JF1*6B06 KP7ISN* B"3W	R+SCT3S?HT6".JF1*7
02 WL3T6 2=;I/TV(2*;R7D"(.)F+")*M.1"1*0B +ICF/MV=2 T+ECN.1N1"0*M.1&1*0B 3P	R+NCT6"N 7HSO6 OI2 	H+G;H""*M.1B2*0B 7GSO/OF .0B7.MFJ.2B16 B 3R;I+TJ 2 3F3I/C2 S+OKT.MFJ.2B22 2 +ECT/T617ISN*(*33RSN*(	X*+&1.MFJ.2B32 & 7FR .1F=2 T+ECN.1V2"0*M.1R2*0B 7GSO/OF .2B7.
FJ.2B56 B 3R;I+TJ 2 OI3I
N2 WP3N3A+T;Y*.:.".6".JJ1*6B02 ?G+TCO.4B5.MFJ.2B72 2 +ECT3N&=+NT65J*+ND+X.)"16).JJ1*8B02 [I. 7N61R 3H;E. F1"360.JJ1*9B06 KP7ISN* B"3S?H3T& 3SJ 3LOO3KSE6 	B2 T3E^ 3O3A+I;E""*M.1B3*0B 7GSO/OF .0B7.MFJ.3B16 B 3R;I+TJ 2 ?Y+UCR3S?H/T.".MFJ.3B22 & 7NWP3T> .MFJ.
B32 & 3F> *=B13TWH/NF .4B3.MFJ.3B42 & 3F> *=B23TWH/NF .5B4.MFJ.3B56 B 3R;I+TJ 6 KW7ISS2 S+O;T""*M.1Z3*0B 7LSE. 7P7ISN*(*53RSN*(	X*+&1.MFJ.3B72 & 7FB *=B23TWH/N" "760.JN1*8B06 KP7ISN* B"3S?H3T& 3SJ 3AWR+LCY3WSI+E:.".6".JN1*9B02 WL7TF 2=;I/TN(2*;R7D"(.)F+")
M.1B4*0B +ICF/QF=2 T+ECN.8B3.MFJ.4B16 B 3R;I+TJ . ."/A.$6"J 3EGG7ION2 T7EB 3U/C".6".JR1*2B02 ?G+TCO.6B5.MFJ.4B36 B 3R;I+TJ 2 3S+ACP3S?HT6".JR1*4B02 WL3TR 21&=+NT63J*+ND+X.)"16).JR1*5B02 [I. GD*=B33TWH/NF .4B7.MFJ.4B62 ^ 3O?T. V1"060.JR1*7B06 KP7ISN* B"3P;
I7HN 3TOI3K;I+GB!2"F;*$J;2 GM7NB +UCT+ICN3P;E7ASLY6".JR1*8B06 KP7ISN* B"7BO2 ?F7RR +WCO3M;I3UWTS6".JR1*9B02 ?G+TCO.8B3.MFJ.5B02 2 +ECT3R&=+NT65J*+ND+X.)"16).JV1*1B02 [I. 7R61R 3H;E. ^8"0*M.1J5*0B 3P	R+NCT6"N 7HSO6 OI2 GT3K;E6 	B2 T3EN 3O;R3E3L2 ?G3A	L+EJ.
MFJ.5B32 ^ 3O?T. N8"0*M.1R5*0B 3P	R+NCT2"Z 3LOI7KN 7HSO""*M.1V5*0B 7GSO/OF .5B0.MFJ.5B66 B 3R;I+TJ * B ******B*3ESN2 [O2 	F7RSS2 WP3R?I+D* ****"*6".JV1*7B02 WL7T" "=62.JV1*8B06 KP7ISN* B"3S?C/R+E""*M.1&5*0B 3P	R+NCT2"N 3O;R3E3L. ."A*M.1B6*0B 3P	R+NCT*"J *
SA*;B"2"J;.MFJ.6B16 B 3R;I+TJ 6 SS7ASR2 [O2 WS3C;O7DB 3E	R+O;D""*M.1J6*0B 7GSO/OF "660.JZ1*3B06 KP7ISN* B"******B*3ESN2 [O2 WS3C;O7DB 3E	R+OCD******J*.MFJ.6B42 2 +ECT/XN=.MFJ.6B56 B 3R;I+TJ 2 OS3OWR":6".JZ1*6B06 KP7ISN* B"7CKO3N3E+LJ ";7A.JZ1*7B06 KP7ISN*
B"2"F;*$J;. ."B*M.1"6*0B 3P	R+NCT""6".JZ1*9B06 KP7ISN* B"3SGT+RCT+OCF3T	H+RCD7PKE3ISO".6".J^1*0B02 ?G+TCO.1B6.MFJ.7B16 B 3R;I+TJ * ******2 ;E3D> 3F^ 3AWM* ******""*M.1J7*0B +ICF3AJ=2 T+ECN.1^7"0*M.1N7*0B 3P	R+NCT2"Z 3IGN7LN 7CKO+EJ:.MFJ.7B46 B 3R;I+TJ 2 ?
3RWN+LCL2"F;.MFJ.7B56 B 3R;I+TJ . ."/A.$*"J ";7B.J^1*6B06 SS+OCP.MFJ.7B76 B 3R;I+TJ 2 	S3NWC2 OS3OWR6 OI2 	T+E3D2 WW2 	W+LCL7H[A7ER 3O^ O6".J^1*8B06 KP7ISN* B"7ISN7ON 3USD+E7N3DGE+TGH""*M.1&7*0B 3P	R+NCT2"" 3EWR6 OI2 T3EZ 3AWC2-[O+FJ..MFJ.8B06 B 3R;I+TJ 2
OS3OWR":6".J"1*1B06 KP7ISN* B"7CKO3N3E+LJ ";7A.J"1*2B06 KP7ISN* B"2"F;*$J;. ."B*M.1N8*0B 7LSE. 7S7ISN*(*23RSN*(	X*+&1.MFJ.8B42 & 7FN *=B13TWH/NF .8B7.MFJ.8B56 B 3R;I+TJ . ."/A.$6"^ 7ION2 T3EZ 3AWC2-[O+FJ..MFJ.8B62 ^ 3O?T. B2"860.J"1*7B06 KP7ISN* B"7CKO3N3
7L^ 7ION2 T3EZ 3AWC2-[O+FJ..MFJ.8B82 2 +ECT3T&=+NT63J*+ND+X.)"16).J"1*9B02 [I. 7T61R 3H;E. B2"460.J&1*0B02 [I. 7T62R 3H;E. B2"660.J&1*1B06 KP7ISN* B"3W	R+SCT3S?H+TJ..MFJ.9B22 2 +ECT3U&=+NT65J*+ND+X.)"16).J&1*3B02 [I. 7U61R 3H;E. B2"160.J&1*4B06 KP7ISN* B"
S?H3T& 3S6 7IOS+E;D""*M.1V9*0B 7LSE. 7V7ISN*(*23RSN*(	X*+&1.MFJ.9B62 & 7FZ *=B13TWH/NF .9B9.MFJ.9B76 B 3R;I+TJ . ."/A.$6"R 3AWK7SR +HCE3POU+KJ..MFJ.9B82 ^ 3O?T. B2"860.J&1*9B06 KP7ISN* B"7CKO3N3E7LJ 3EGG7ION2 T7EB 3U/C".6".JB2*0B02 ?G+TCO.1"8"0*M.2F0*0B 3
	R+NCT*"* 2*?G+OGD**J*.MJJ.0B22 2 +ECT3AF="+61.JB2*3B02 ?G+TCO.2Z2"0*M.2R0*0B 3P	R+NCT6"N 7LCA2 S+OKT.MJJ.0B52 ^ 3O?T. &1"260.JB2*6B06 KP7ISN* B"3F	L+CCK3S?H+TJ..MJJ.0B72 ^ 3O?T. &1"260.JB2*8B06 KP7ISN* B"7YWO7RN 7HSO""6;.JB2*9B02 ;I7PSU" 7W.JF2*0B02 [I. 
W61R 3H;E. J2"260.JF2*1B02 [I. 7W62R 3H;E. J2"460.JF2*2B06 KP7ISN6 ^"7ROI7TN 7HSO".6".JF2*3B02 WL7T& 2=;I/TV(2*;R7D"(.)F+")*M.2R1*0B +ICF/YR=2 T+ECN.2&1"0*M.2V1*0B 3P	R+NCT6"N 7HSO6 OI2 	M3SWS+DJ..MJJ.1B62 2 +ECT3Z&=+NT62J*+ND+X.)"16).JF2*7B02 [I. 7Z61R 3
;E. &1"960.JF2*8B02 ?G+TCO.1^9"0*M.2&1*0B 3P	R+NCT*"* 2*?G+OGD**J*.MJJ.2B02 2 +ECT3BJ="+61.JJ2*1B02 ?G+TCO.2Z2"0*M.2J2*0B 3P	R+NCT6"N 7LCA2 S+O;T""*M.2N2*0B 7GSO/OJ .1B3.MJJ.2B46 B 3R;I+TJ 2 3F3I/C2 S+O;T""*M.2V2*0B 7GSO/OJ .1B3.MJJ.2B66 B 3R;I+TJ 2 GG+MC
+ICS3OWV+RF!""*M.2^2*0B 3P	R+NCT2"Z 3IGN7LN 7CKO+EJ:.MJJ.2B86 B 3R;I+TJ 2 ?C3RWN+LCL2"F;.MJJ.2B96 B 3R;I+TJ . ."/A.$*"J ";7B.JN2*0B02 ;ED6 BJBZ

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Feel free to contact me, David Gesswein with any questions, comments on the web site, or if you have related equipment, documentation, software etc. you are willing to part with.  I am interested in anything PDP-8 related, computers, peripherals used with them, DEC or third party, or documentation. 

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