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  =     ( ),( ) ,       ( )=       ~ }|0(z{,zyrx |w#(vs zuKtsw`rg`qg`pg}o0(#znE mCFHo+l"kG jCD@o2 ,i \hg ?Fv"[wb\fb]vc Bz\[7\[D]@Jv[&e\&d]& vCeG [D[c9\D\]tP ,b00D|q{@Bp%.p#!@@A"B "!16$<T?b~}(|{{ z(/|26yx'F.w"1bDbv&114(BzG <ut[s(&C uIr q1RD |2,G DxZpConrpnr mGlu9tM2kG lCup|V2jG WBiG WB(h{`f06P^:  P ]IP]{O@_LV_?~}0 |u{C (O|#Oz|`~| ?z"y|sxIwv)ut)st)rq0(pro,n |z mv)l,k |r}0(2zjKiKhv)< /g<f<;@ eI d(?Alc |<b2v6av)6!.|`rt`t|xI`|c _{z+"D*`@tc0
;0p# p`f 6A$u~}r|{0Yf_f?c({~(/}" |({( +&|!Jk0 _!vFILE #1 NOT FOUND EXTRA BLOCKSCAN'T OPEN OUTPUT FILE ICE-6E CAN'T LOAD HANDLER BLOCKS SHORT !! `` ` DTR >-]_tCE4O# L1MN X 1C DOB 0_5F( L1MN SRN,RC
N`SE SFU_tI EN8E3z4@ x 13  N`r`NBRCG_  1n 2 X N`2 EA1` N( IA 3 @ x .y  I 338`NbRC I 4E@  .  PEC`U@NA S U0NA TE@  .s ( RT
8N`!``,+(-8 WD1_ (   RT HN`!TG RT4 N`NG`R@ x    S S 8 0R@ x   NV(E P= LU 3`   T4@ x   RTHC N >S ETG RUN 
  S ET@O:#RCUH1 S X /T C`5hNR`NL_    THS R`HPRCT  `  THS82E3 `@HR@ x  THS `PHR@ x ` THS  3D`A N#_:    THS8CM LGT"@ x ` THSTLGT"@ x ` THSPRTR(8-3LNMRC_ (   THSM F8$L 3hTHS@   h THS8 $XEHX HR@ x ` THS NB `DI EN@7  ` 8 THS(H4@GF(MA8PRTSA BT Dl4A BS(`C  1@F(MCL#N8PRTS E4RH `MRC
N_FLN3PRTS ER@HL # 5V0`UNA PR@o{ CT SEH VOSXA T$ C TPSTO":T 2T D`4R`ECBR1D_@Rq DES4GS h `   FNDMA3@7  l#l8#  Nl!EA5Nl! N VR H  l?Kl?q 
NlENRl 8T8U3@ x       U@7   8   E4 U5TXL`!LD@  ` 8   `O3HO`3N(G`R@  ,` h   DPRTR`RUE3_@G-C ESO# h /`  W8N5LL;WR1S`HR`X`NT  /  BT"TMT0C L`!KPX L0S_1  /`  NT9 R EA O`CA NSS@  /  NT9A NRTHG`F8L_!  /  NR`HE N$ X /  
` a 8FQ B8L SN8A@ x /  ElXTXMBLCI8 `1OMN  / H TI 4O $EA O`CA NSS@  / X T L   5  / h I $VR1& NR`N FL_IE )8PEC`N@`dI ENN2`LMN@W  (A (   NA F T 3@ x (Ll*) 0 KV_  (LE)`0  #` _4  (Ll)#  LT` _4      8L_!  (LF   LC Q >)#qu{@ x (LG (  T&
S %GQD N_!  (LI   R1 P 
N_  (l*i b PE0 'ST "Yg@ H (LK (  STKFR` @7  (Ll)# 8 S % 3`NC@ x (Ll*)`3  S OS D NS! `Nc@ x       [NQA hG`F8L_!  (Ll)# H NHP NS`U3TUL_      I Q8T "UN EA@ x (LR (  A E )#MXp
NS@  (LS   A P$CFE ! 3@ x   - P`6UN  3@ x   -R E HN`!F1    - x N !6CRT`1F8A H R@    - x TWA H R@    -L  P`66 V R@    -@TXLT`HR`3@    - x A BF
8N_!  (Ll)# X S % 3`NC @ x (LY (  N`$E`N U 38U3@ x     H``2_ x   ` RC N`BR1@ x    `  S S8MP H   ` E F N( Q H (Ll*) 6 
S,XETRO# 15@ x (L} (  TNV S OPNU  F R` X S %VAOS% N``R0_ ( G(WC  S S hN`!`#R_ Bp K L4IBxp@~q* ?y>Dy="y<]y;8z:y90y7#y6Mu5?y4>x3>x2y0*y/3z.y-y*?x)z(>x'>xC;yss`y#?3cDFC?A#L#?D;@0@1L _o`#R!H=E`G`I,NR`LESOI $HA DLTOTu E EL!S . XL`!LSD_< v1 v- v(
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Feel free to contact me, David Gesswein with any questions, comments on the web site, or if you have related equipment, documentation, software etc. you are willing to part with.  I am interested in anything PDP-8 related, computers, peripherals used with them, DEC or third party, or documentation. 

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