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This directory is in the format the OS/8 operating system uses. OS/8 can only store dates for an 8 year period so dates will be shown as 1970-1977 unless the media had a printed directory or other information find the correct date range. The length column is the number of 256-word blocks occupied by the file. The descriptions of the file contents are not part of the image contents but are generated by the web display software. They may not always be an accurate description of the file. The links below will return the file in various formats.

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Name  Ext Length   Date
A1IN.FT    1   14-SEP-76  More
A1INST.FT    1   14-SEP-76  More
A1OUT.FT    1   14-SEP-76  More
ALFMOD.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
ANCHO.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
ANMODE.FT    1    6-APR-76  More
ANSTR.FT    4   14-SEP-76  More
AOUTST.FT    1   14-SEP-76  More
BAKSP.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
BELL.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
BUFFPK.FT    7   15-SEP-76  More
CARTN.FT    3   14-SEP-76  More
CHRSIZ.FT    3   14-SEP-76  More
CLIPT.FT    7    8-APR-76  More
CSIZE.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
CWSEND.FT    2   15-SEP-76  More
CZAXIS.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
DASHA.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
DASHR.FT    1    7-APR-76  More
DASHSA.FT    4    7-APR-76  More
DASHSR.FT    1    7-APR-76  More
DCURSR.FT    1   14-SEP-76  More
DRAWA.FT    3    7-APR-76  More
DRAWR.FT    1    7-APR-76  More
DRAWSA.FT    4    7-APR-76  More
DRAWSR.FT    1    7-APR-76  More
DRWABS.FT    3   13-SEP-76  More
DRWREL.FT    2   13-SEP-76  More
DSHABS.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
DSHMOD.FT    3   14-SEP-76  More
DSHREL.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
DWINDO.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
ERASE.FT    1   14-SEP-76  More
FINITT.FT    1    7-APR-76  More
GENFLG.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
HDCOPY.FT    1   14-SEP-76  More
HOME.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
INCPLT.FT    4    7-APR-76  More
INITT.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
IOWAIT.FT    3   14-SEP-76  More
IPMOD.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
KCM.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
KIN.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
LEFTIO.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
LINEF.FT    3   15-SEP-76  More
LINHGT.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
LINTRN.FT    2    8-APR-76  More
LINWDT.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
LOGTRN.FT    2    8-APR-76  More
LVLCHT.FT    2    8-APR-76  More
MOVABS.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
MOVEA.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
MOVER.FT    1    7-APR-76  More
MOVREL.FT    2   13-SEP-76  More
NEWLIN.FT    1   14-SEP-76  More
NEWPAG.FT    3   14-SEP-76  More
PARCLT.FT    1    8-APR-76  More
PCLIPT.FT    2   13-SEP-76  More
PLTCHR.FT    3   14-SEP-76  More
PNTABS.FT    2   13-SEP-76  More
PNTMOD.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
PNTREL.FT    2   13-SEP-76  More
POINTA.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
POINTR.FT    1    7-APR-76  More
POLTRN.FT    2    8-APR-76  More
PSCAL.FT    7    8-APR-76  More
RECOVR.FT    3   15-SEP-76  More
REL2AB.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
RESCAL.FT    4    8-APR-76  More
RESET.FT    4   14-SEP-76  More
RESTAT.FT    3   14-SEP-76  More
REVCOT.FT    5   13-SEP-76  More
RROTAT.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
RSCALE.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
RSTTAB.FT    3   13-SEP-76  More
SCURSR.FT    3   14-SEP-76  More
SEEBUF.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
SEEDW.FT    2    6-APR-76  More
SEELOC.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
SEEMOD.FT    2    6-APR-76  More
SEEMRG.FT    2    6-APR-76  More
SEEREL.FT    2    6-APR-76  More
SEETRM.FT    2    6-APR-76  More
SEETRN.FT    2    6-APR-76  More
SEETW.FT    2    6-APR-76  More
SETBUF.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
SETMRG.FT    2   13-SEP-76  More
SETTAB.FT    3   13-SEP-76  More
SVSTAT.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
SWINDO.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
TABHOR.FT    3   13-SEP-76  More
TABVER.FT    2   13-SEP-76  More
TERM.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
TINPUT.FT    1   14-SEP-76  More
TINSTR.FT    3   14-SEP-76  More
TKDASH.FT    9   14-SEP-76  More
TKPNT.FT    2   14-SEP-76  More
TOUTPT.FT    1   14-SEP-76  More
TOUTST.FT    4   15-SEP-76  More
TSEND.FT    1   14-SEP-76  More
TTBLSZ.FT    2    6-APR-76  More
TWINDO.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
V2ST.FT    4    7-APR-76  More
VCURSR.FT    1    7-APR-76  More
VECMOD.FT    2   15-SEP-76  More
VWINDO.FT    2    7-APR-76  More
WINCOT.FT    4    8-APR-76  More
XYCNVT.FT    6   15-SEP-76  More

 108 Files in 258 Blocks - 472 Free blocks

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