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All file in document B Series FLIP-CHIP modules

 556 B104 Inverter Rev C May 1964 
 558 B105 Inverter Rev E PCB D May 1964 
 559 B113 Diode Gate Rev D PCB C May 1964 
 560 B115 Diode Gate Rev C May 1964 
 561 B117 Diode Gate Rev B PCB C May 1964 
 562 B130 3 BIT Parity Circut Rev B December 1964 
 563 B133 Diode Gate Rev B PCB C July 1966 
 564 B134 Diode Gate Rev A PCB B October 1966 
 565 B135 Diode Gate Rev B PCB C September 1966 
 566 B136 Diode Gate Rev blank PCB B April 1969 
 567 B137 Diode Gate Rev B PCB C September 1966 
 568 B138 Adder Rev D PCB B October 1967 
 569 B141 Diode Gate Rev A June 1966 
 570 B152 Binary to Octal Decoder Rev blank PCB A May 1967 
 571 B156 Half Binary to Octal Decoder Rev A October 1966 
 572 B163 Diode Gate Rev D October 1966 
 573 B165 Diode Inverter Rev A October 1966 
 574 B166 Countng Gate Rev blank PCB A March 1967 
 575 B167 Adder Gate Rev C PCB D November 1966 
 576 B168 Diode Gate Rev B October 1967 
 577 B169 Inverter Rev D December 1972 
 578 B171 Diode Gate Rev C June 1964 
 579 B172 Diode Gate Rev blank PCB C May 1964 
 580 B173 Diode Gate Rev B PCB A December 1969 
 581 B198 Protection Comparator Rev blank PCB A June 1968 
 582 B199 FM Address Decoder Rev blank PCB B April 1967 
 583 B204 Four Flip-Flops Rev B June 1964 
 584 B211 Flip-Flop Rev H PCB E March 1965 
 585 B212 Dual R-S Flip-Flop Rev D PCB C November 1966 
 586 B213 Jam Flip-Flop Rev F PCB C February 1966 
 587 B214 Four Flip-Flops Rev blank PCB A June 1967 
 588 B250 FM Module Rev D July 1967 
 589 B301 One Shot Delay Rev blank PCB D June 1964 
 590 B311 Tapped Delay Line Rev B PCB D December 1966 
 591 B312 Variable Delay Line Rev A PCB B November 1966 
 592 B360 Delay with Pulse Amplifier Rev D May 1964 
 593 B405 Crystal Clock Rev 2 August 1965 
 594 B411 VFO Clock Rev D September 1969 
 595 B602 10 Mc Pulse Amplifer Rev D PCB B May 1964 
 596 B611 Pulse Amplifier Rev E PCB B November 1966 
 597 B681 Power Inverter Rev B November 1964 
 598 B683 50 ohm of Bus Driver Rev C March 1967 
 599 B684 Two Bus Drivers Rev K PCB J July 1964 
 600 B685 Diode Gate Driver Rev C PCB B May 1967 

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