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 610 G005 4 Input DC Sense Amplifier Rev R PCB F February 1965 
 611 G008 Master Slice Control Rev D PCB B May 1965 
 612 G010 Sense Amp Selector Rev A May 1966 
 613 G020 Sense Amp Rev K PCB H August 1967 
 614 G021 Sense Amp Rev K PCB H April 1967 
 615 G022 Four Input Sense Amp Rev D PCB E July 1967 
 616 G023 Master Slice Control Rev F July 1967 
 617 G050 Read Amplifier Rev C PCB D 1970 
 618 G060 TU10 Compressor Rev C PCB D March 1971 
 619 G062 Peak Detector Rev D November 1970 
 620 G064 Slicer Rev C PCB D September 1970 
 621 G084 Mag Tape Read Amp Rev D PCB C April 1967 
 622 G102 Sense Inhibit Card Rev D April 1970 
 623 G103 Memory Levels & Gates Rev F PCB A February 1970 
 624 G206 Memory Selector Rev D PCB B February 1965 
 625 G207 Inhibit Driver Rev E PCB B February 1965 
 626 G212 Memory Common Driver Rev A PCB B September 1966 
 627 G217 Memory Word Driver Rev E PCB H January 1969 
 628 G219 Memory Selector Rev R PCB H October 1966 
 629 G221 Memory Selector Rev D PCB B May 1967 
 630 G226 X-Y Decoder Switch Rev D March 1972 
 631 G228 Inhibit Driver Rev F PCB H May 1967 
 632 G230 X and Y Current Generator Rev D March 1971 
 633 G287 Write Driver Rev B February 1967 
 634 G350 Head Driver Rev E PCB D December 1970 
 635 G589 Filtered DIfferential Amplifier Rev C September 1969 
 636 G590 Filtered Differentail Amplifier Rev E September 1969 
 637 G604 Memory Selector Matrix February 1965 
 638 G624 Resistor Board Rev D PCB C May 1967 
 639 G626 Resistor Board Rev B PCB C May 1967 
 640 G7000 I/O Bus Terminator #1 Rev B April 1972 
 647 G700 100 ohm terminator Rev A PCB B November 1966 
 641 G7001 I/O Bus Terminator #2 Rev C April 1972 
 642 G7002 I/O Bus Terminator #3 Rev B April 1972 
 643 G7003 I/O Bus Terminator #1 Rev A April 1972 
 644 G7004 I/O Bus Terminator #2 Rev A April 1972 
 645 G7005 I/O Bus Terminator #3 Rev A April 1972 
 646 G7006 I/O Bus Terminator #4 Rev C April 1972 
 648 G703 100 ohm terminator Rev A PCB A,B June 1967 
 649 G704 2mA Level Terminator Rev A PCB A,B July 1967 
 650 G705 DECtape Jumper Module Rev A PCB A,B October 1967 
 651 G706 DECtape Attenuator Rev A PCB A,B October 1967 
 652 G715 Terminator Rev B August 1968 
 653 G726 Bus Control Rev C PCB B September 1969 
 654 G737 Terminator Rev A December 1970 
 655 G742 Positive Logic Jumper Card Rev blank PCB A December 1970 
 656 G766 Level Terminator April 1972 
 657 G795 Cable Terminator Rev A PCB D February 1967 
 658 G796 Clamped Level Cable Connector Rev A PCB A,B February 1967 
 659 G799 Cable Connector Rev blank PCB A May 1967 
 660 G800 Control for 739 Power Supply Rev L PCB H October 1964 
 661 G805 Negative Regulator Rev H PCB E,F August 1966 
 662 G810 6V Regulator Control Rev C October 1967 
 663 G816 Regulator Control Rev B September 1967 
 664 G826 Regulator Control Rev L PCB K May 1967 
 665 G828 6V Regulator Control Rev A March 1970 
 666 G830 +5V Regulator February 1971 
 667 G831 6 BIT D/A Comparator & Switch Rev E January 1971 
 668 G847 Dual Motor Voltage Control February 1970 
 669 G848 Motor Control Rev K PCB M April 1970 
 670 G850 SCR Motor Driver Rev P PCB E,H,J,K,L May 1965 
 671 G851 Relay Rev B January 1965 
 672 G853 Motion & Selection Circuit Rev A July 1967 
 673 G854 Telegraph Line Circuit Rev B PCB A September 1967 
 674 G859 Clock & Regulator Rev C PCB A November 1969 
 675 G882 Manchester Reader Writer Rev E PCB B February 1966 
 676 G888 Manchester Reader/Writer Rev E PCB A September 1969 
 677 G903 Clock Accelerator Rev F PCB E March 1966 
 678 G913 Clock Control Rev blank PCB A May 1968 
 679 G932 TU-10 Capstan Servo Preamplifier Rev J PCB D January 1971 
 680 G933 Reel Motor Amplifier Rev K PCB E November 1970 
 681 G9340 Brake Actuator Rev C PCB B April 1971 
 682 G9341 TU-10 Brake Actuator Rev B April 1971 
 683 G998 Current Measuring Extender Rev black PCB A May 1966 

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