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All file in document R Series FLIP-CHIP modules

 831 R001 Diode Network October 1964 
 832 R002 Diode Cluster Rev A PCB B May 1964 
 833 R107 Inverter Rev J PCB C,D,E September 1964 
 834 R111 Diode Gate Rev F PCB D,E,F May 1964 
 835 R113 Diode Gate Ref B PCB A,B February 1965 
 836 R121 NAND Gate Rev A PCB A,B March 1965 
 837 R123 Diode Gate Rev B April 1965 
 838 R141 Diode Gate Rev F PCB E July 1964 
 839 R151 Binary to Octal Decoder Rev E PCB D September 1964 
 840 R181 DC Carry Chain Rev D PCB B,C October 1964 
 841 R201 Flip-Flop Rev D PCB C,D May 1964 
 842 R202 Dual Flip Flop Rev F PCB D,E June 1964 
 843 R203 Triple Flip-Flop Rev 3 June 1964 
 844 R205 Dual Flip-Flop Rev 5 September 1964 
 845 R302 Delay Rev U PCB L,M June 1964 
 846 R303 Integrating One-Shot Rev K PCB D April 1965 
 847 R401 Clock Rev M PCB H October 1964 
 848 R405 Crystal Clock Rev J PCB H,J December 1964 
 849 R450 Variable Clock Rev H PCB D,E September 1965 
 850 R601 Pulse Amplifier Rev P PCB F,H September 1964 
 851 R602 Pulse Amplifier Rev R PCB H,K June 1964 
 852 R603 Pulse Amplifier Rev 6 October 1964 
 853 R613 Pulse Amplifier Rev C PCB B May 1966 

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