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 871 W002 Clamp Loads Rev B PCB A,B August 1964 
 872 W005 Clamped Loads Rev B May 1964 
 873 W010 Clamped Loads Rev blank PCB A November 1966 
 874 W011 Signal Cable Connector Rev B May 1965 
 875 W012 Indicator Cable Connector Rev B PCB B,C November 1966 
 876 W013 Word Sink Stack Connector Rev B PCB A,B February 1968 
 877 W014 Digit Stack Connector Rev D PCB A November 1967 
 878 W017 Word Drive Stack Connector Rev A PCB A,B August 1966 
 879 W020 Indicator Cable Connector Rev 1 June 1964 
 880 W021 Signal Cable Connector Rev 1 June 1964 
 881 W023 Connector Rev blank PCB A November 1968 
 882 W025 Connector Board Rev blank PCB B April 1969 
 883 W028 Terminated Board Rev A PCB C February 1968 
 884 W032 Connector Rev blank PCB A November 1968 
 885 W033 Cable Connector Rev B PCB A,B,C May 1966 
 886 W040 Solenoid Driver Rev 2 July 1964 
 887 W051 100 mA Indicator & Relay Driver Rev E PCB D November 1964 
 274 W076 Teletype Connector PCB B  
 888 W076 Teletype Connector Rev D May 1967 
 889 W078 Teletype Connector Rev blank PCB A October 1969 
 890 W101 IO Bus Driver Rev B September 1964 
 891 W102 Pulsed Bus Transceiver Rev N PCB J October 1964 
 892 W106 P.I. Request Grant Rev E PCB D March 1971 
 893 W107 I/O Bus Receiver Ckt. Rev A PCB B March 1967 
 894 W122 Bus Transceiver Rev D PCB F May 1970 
 895 W132 Bus Transceiver Rev D May 1971 
 896 W250 Indicator Cable Connector Rev B PCB A,B November 1966 
 897 W300 Delay Line Rev F PCB C December 1964 
 898 W301 Delay Line Rev B PCB C January 1967 
 899 W500 High Impedance Follower Rev B PCB A April 1965 
 900 W501 Schmitt Trigger Rev F September 1964 
 901 W504 Initial Transient Detector Rev blank PCB A May 1966 
 902 W505 Low Voltage Detector Rev B March 1965 
 903 W507 Low Voltage Detector Rev A PCB B June 1970 
 904 W510 Positive Level Converter Rev B October 1964 
 905 W511 Negative Level Converter Rev B PCB A Febuary 1965 
 906 W513 Level Amplifier Rev E PCB F Juen 1965 
 907 W514 Positive Level Converter Rev blank PCB A November 1967 
 908 W519 Power Sequence and Crobar Rev D PCB E March 1971 
 909 W520 Comparator Rev C PCB B November 1965 
 910 W532 Difference Amp. Rev D PCB B July 1966 
 911 W533 Rectifying Slicer Rev B PCB A January 1967 
 912 W591 Positive Level to DEC Level Receiver Rev blank PCB A June 1969 
 913 W592 IBM 360 to DEC Bus Receiver Rev blank PCB A March 1967 
 914 W600 Negative Level Amplifier Rev B PCB A August 1964 
 915 W601 Positive Level Amplifier Rev 1 August 1964 
 916 W602 Bipolar Level Amplifier Rev A April 1965 
 917 W607 Pulse Amplifier Rev H PCB D July 1964 
 918 W612 Pulse Amplifier Rev blank PCB D February 1972 
 919 W640 Pulse Amplifier Rev L PCB J September 1964 
 920 W681 Scope Intensifier Rev H PCB A April 1965 
 921 W692 DEC to IBM 360 BUS Driver Rev A PCB B March 1967 
 922 W693 DEC to CTuL Line Driver Rev D PCB C May 1967 
 923 W700 Switch Filter Rev C PCB B August 1964 
 924 W701 Input Network Rev A October 1965 
 925 W702 Teletype Level Converter Rev blank PCB A  
 926 W706 Teletype Receiver Rev J PCB E October 1966 
 927 W707 Teletype Transmitter Rev K PCB H,L,P October 1966 
 928 W708 Communication Interface Rev C PCB A March 1967 
 929 W726 Switch Filter Rev B September 1970 
 930 W800 Relay Rev D PCB B January 1965 
 931 W808 Relay Rev B February 1967 
 932 W841 Cable Terminator Rev C December 1967 
 933 W850 I.O. Connector Rev D PCB C,D November 1966 
 934 W851 PDP-10 Bus Connector Board Rev D PCB D,E August 1967 
 935 W852 Connector Rev C PCB B,C,D,E August 1967 

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