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title:PDP-8 Diagnostic Programs Index by Options (instuctions for most MAINDEC's)
date:January 1973
keywords:MAINDEC-08-DHKM, DHKPA, DGV5A, DHKLD, DHDRA, DHADA, DHKLC, DHMPA, DHLSA, DHRKA, DHRKB, DHRKC, DHRKD, D01A, D02B, D04B, D05B, D07B, D0BA, D0UA, D1AC, D1EC, D1GD, D1HA, D1KB, D1LO, D1MA, D2AA, D2EA, D2FC, D2GF, D2HC, D2OA, D2PE, D2QD, D2UA, D3BD, D3EB, D3FC, D3RA, D4A0, D4BA, D4CB, D4DA, D4EB, D4FB, D5AA, D5BC, D5CG, D5DB, D5EB, D5FA, D5HC, D5JB, D5KB, D6CC, D6GC, D6HA, D6JD, D6KC, D6QA, D6RB, D6TA, D6UB, D6VA, D6WB, D7CA, D81B, D8EB, D8GA, D8PA, D8SC, D8VB, D8WA, D8XA, D8YC, D9AD, D9BA, D9CC, D9DE, D9EC, D9FC, D9GA, D9IB, D9KA, D9MA, D9NA, D9PA, D9QA, MAINDEC-8L-D0AB, D1GC, D1HA, H1JA, D5AA MAINDEC-828, MAINDEC-T8-D8AA, D8BB, MAINDEC-12-D8FB, D0MC, D0NB, D0OB, D0PC, D2AA, MAINDEC-8I-D01C, D02B, D0AA, D0BA, D2AC, D2BA, D4CA, D5BD, D5FB, D6AC, D6BB, D6CE, D6DA, D8AC, D8AE, D8BB, D8EA, D8FA, D8HA, MAINDEC-8E-D0AB, D0BB, D0CC, D0DB, D0EB, D0FC, D0GC, D0HC, D0IB, D0JC, D0LB, D0MB, D0NA, D0PC, D0RA, D0SA, D1AB, D1EC, D1FB, D1GB, D1HB, D1IB, D1JB, D1KA, D2CA, D2DB, D2EB, D2FB, D3AB, D6AB, D6CB, D7AA, D8AC, D8CA, MAINDEC-X8-DIQAB, DIPCA, DIDFA, DIKAC, ILPA, DILKAD, DIKAA, DITCA, DHKEA, DIRFA, DIFPA, DITCB, DIDKA, DIRKA, DDTCA, AA05, AA07, AA50, AD01, AD08A, AD0AB, AD8E, AF01, AF04, AF06, AFC-8, AM08, AM03, AM8E, AX08, DM08, DM8L, CM8E, CM8F, CM8I, CM8L, CR8-E, CR8-F, CR8I, CR8L, DB88, DB08A, DB8EA, DC02, DC02F, DC04, DC08A, DC08H, DC08F, DC14, DF32, DF32D, DF32E, DK8-E, DM01, DM04, DP8-E, DP01A, DR8-E, DS32, FPP12, KE8-E, KE8I, KGE8, KL8, KL8F, KL8-E, KM8-E, KP8-E, KP8I, KP8L, KT8I, KV8I, KW08, KW8, KW8L, LC8L, LC8E, LE8, LP08, LS8E, LT08, LT33, LT35, MC8-E, mC8I, MC8L, MI8E, MM8E, MM8EJ, MM8I, MM8L, MP8I, MP8L, MP8-E, MR8-E, PA60A, PA60B, PA60C, PA61A, PA63, PA68A, PA68F, PC01, PC02, PC03, PC04, PC8E, PC8I, PC8L, PDP-8, PDP-8E, PDP-8F, PDP-8I, PDP-8L, PDP-8M, PP8E, PP8I, PP8L, PP67A, PR68A, PR8E, PR8I, PR8L, PT08BC, PT08F, RC8, RS64, RF08, RS08, RK8, RM08,N RK8E, RK05, TC01, TC08, TC58, TD8-E, TM8-E, TR02, TR05, TR06, UDC8, VC8E, VC8I, VC8L, VP8I, VP8L, VT05, VT06, VW02, XY8E

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