Directory of images/bitsavers/tss8/7211.tu56

This directory lists files in TSS/8 SAVE format DECtapes The links below will return the file in various formats.

File name link convert to ASCII text if format can be determined
INFO gives information on executables with a choice of download formats.
Limited documentation on format and less testing that desired so may have issues.

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Unsorted Directory Listing


DECODE.BAS   4  30-OCT-84 INFO  
DTAB  .BAS   6  04-DEC-84 INFO  
DTRAN1.BAS   8  04-DEC-84 INFO  
DTRANS.BAS   8  20-DEC-84 INFO  
DXTAB .BAS   4  04-DEC-84 INFO  
GRP6  .DAT  34  04-DEC-84 INFO  
IGI   .DAT  38  29-OCT-84 INFO  
IGI2  .DAT 218  30-OCT-84 INFO  
LISTR .BAS   4  02-DEC-84 INFO  
SCAN  .BAS   4  02-DEC-84 INFO  
TAB   .BAS   6  04-DEC-84 INFO  
TABPG1.BAS   8  31-OCT-84 INFO  
TGP3JU.DAT  58  17-DEC-84 INFO  
TGP3SE.DAT  46  17-DEC-84 INFO  
TGP3SO.DAT  52  17-DEC-84 INFO  
TGRP6 .DAT 204  04-DEC-84 INFO  
TRANS .BAS   8  04-DEC-84 INFO  
XTAB  .BAS   4  04-DEC-84 INFO  

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