The left TU56 DECtape drive is not operating properly and so far I haven't been able to figure out why. It is currently disabled. I have made the right drive 0 for now. You don't have a drive 1.

You will need to wait for the Java program to download (30 seconds to 2 minutes) and open the control windows for before you can operate the pdp-8. If the java program terminates or is closed use shift-reload to restart or close and restart your browser. This window can be iconized but permanently closing it may cause the java program to stop.

If you don't have Java installed (Vista) you can download from here

I like comments and questions, so email me with any problems, likes or dislikes.

Summary of operating instructions:
Use help menu on the Java window for complete instructions.

If you just want to quickly run something without having to figure out too much about operating a PDP-8 use the shortcuts menu, which automates many of the steps that a user would have to do manually. You can choose to run a game, operating system, or language. After you have started it running you can use the help->current program menu to find more on how to run the program you started. The programs tend to be cryptic in operation so you may need the help to figure it out.

You can also manually operate the machine by getting the PDP-8 front panel from the device menu, powering on the PDP-8, load an image with the device buttons, then boot it by right clicking on the device button and selecting boot from the popup menu. This manual operation is closer to how the machine would have been used but less "user friendly" than the shortcuts, as the PDP-8 (and most old machines) have no GUI and require some effort to even boot.

If you have difficulty just email me.

If you are using enlightenment window manager (Redhat 6.1) it may put the title bars of the window off screen. To move the window, right click on the window border and you can drag it where you want it.

Contact me, David Gesswein if you have problems or comments.

Java does not appear to be enabled. You must have java enabled in your browser to run the PDP-8.