DIRECTV receiver performance

We have stopped using DIRECTV. It has started to get unreliable but we hadn't gotten around to figuring out why when a tree came down and smashed the dish. We decided to add video to our FIOS instead of getting a new dish.

Since June 15 2006 excluding the big snow of 2010 my receiver has lost the signal due to weather 543 times with the longest signal dropout 627 minutes and a total duration of signal loss 218.2 hours.

The signal is sampled every 1.5 minutes so short signal losses will be missed underestimating the total number of times the signal has been lost. The total time the signal has been lost should average out close to the correct value. Signal loss is when the graphs go to zero. I am not sure at what signal strength the picture becomes unwatchable. It is possible a small percentage of the signal dropouts are due to monitoring errors. I am located in Bethesda Maryland

In the graphs blank spots may either be my receiver box (D10-200) locking up or problems with my PC. In January 2006 Directv upgraded the firmware on the box and it has not locked up since then but require a phone call to get reauthorized. They downloaded a new version 0x1004 after that problem. It has been working fine with my mythtv but using the boxes automatic channel change for use with VCR occasionally fails so static is recorded.

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Modified sensord by Merlin Hughes, all credit to the lm_sensors crew.