PDP-8 File list for Wullenweber

These are DECtape images in OS/8 format.
DECtapes from PDP8-E of "W├╝llenweber Gymnasium Bergneustadt"
Read By Volker Herrmann
Tapes did not have descriptions with them. I have added minimal descriptions

Clicking on the image name will bring up a directory from which you can download or view individual files.

 Image Name  Description 
 8E0001TU.tu56 Diagnostics, Bad block 122,139  
8E0002TU.tu56 MULTI8, TOPS-8 source.
8E0003TU.tu56 MULTI8 source.
8E0004TU.tu56 MULTI8 source.
8E0005TU.tu56 Basic, Fortran, Focal. Bad block 33
8E0006TU.tu56 Fortran. Bad block 1,2
8E0007TU.tu56 BASIC, BASIC programs, German version of Pascal
8E0010TU.tu56 MULTI8/TOPS-8 source.
8E0011TU.tu56 Pascal source, ASCII art
8E0012TU.tu56 CBASIC, ETOS. Bad block 72,163,176,200,231,253
8E0013TU.tu56 FUTIL
8E0014TU.tu56 Various OS/8. Bad block 677
8E0015TU.tu56 OS/8 source, handlers, and Fortran RL files.
8E0016TU.tu56 Fortran FT and SB files.
8E0018TU.tu56 Pascal. Bad blocks 83,215,322,414
8E0019TU.tu56 MULTI8 source.
8E0020TU.tu56 Fotran, VC8E diagnostic.
8E0022TU.tu56 DECX8 diagnostics. Files from MAINDEC-X8-DIQAE-H-UB
8E0024TU.tu56 ACU-FOCAL12,1973.
8E_G00TU.tu56 MULTI8 source, Calculator source. Bad block 47, 752, 758
8E_G01TU.tu56 OS/8.
8E_G02TU.tu56 OS/8 source, handlers, and Fortran RL files.
8E_G03TU.tu56 Fortran 4.
8E_G04TU.tu56 Basic.
8E_G06TU.tu56 OS/8, FT files.
8E_G07TU.tu56 OS/8, BASIC.
8E_G08TU.tu56 Diagnostics.
8E_G09TU.tu56 COBOL source.
8E_G10TU.tu56 BASIC programs.
8E_G11TU.tu56 Unknown, not OS/8 format. Can view some ascii contents
8E_G15TU.tu56 BASIC & BASIC programs.
8E_G18TU.tu56 BASIC, Fortran II.
8E_G20TU.tu56 Fortran programs possible course selection.
8E_G23TU.tu56 German Pascal Pascal-S and Fortran source.
8E_G28TU.tu56 Diagnostics, SV files from 8E_G20TU.
8E_G31TU.tu56 COBOL source, COBOL compiler, FORTX Fortran, German Pascal converter BASIC source?
8E_G33TU.tu56 Fortran, German Pascal, .SB source, and German Pascal converter.
8E_G36TU.tu56 Fortran and .SB source. Bad block 42
8E_G37TU.tu56 BASIC.
8E_G38TU.tu56 Fortran .RL files
8E_G39TU.tu56 BASIC & BASIC programs
8E_G40TU.tu56 BASIC 12, MULTI8 source.
8E_G41TU.tu56 Fortran. Bad block 13
8E_G42TU.tu56 Various
8E_G43TU.tu56 MULTI8 executable and build .BI file
8E_G44TU.tu56 Pascal-S source & .SV, Multiuser verion of A U T O R text editor source
8E_G45TU.tu56 MULTI8 executable and build .BI file
8E_G47TU.tu56 Misc OS/8. Bad block 650
8E_G50TU.tu56 Fortran source.
8E_G52TU.tu56 Adventure source.
8E_G54TU.tu56 OS/8 source, handlers, and Fortran RL files.
8E_G61TU.tu56 Fortran Source, .RL and .PA files.
8E_G62TU.tu56 Pascal source. Directory is corrupted or had undetected read errors. Can view some ascii contents
8E_G64TU.tu56 Various
8E_G65TU.tu56 Edusystem 15, BASIC & Fortran Programs, Focal8.
8E_G66TU.tu56 Diagnostics, BASIC programs. Bad blocks 323,411,450,508,552,579,602,684,864,926,950,983,1057,1097,1216,1401
8E_G67TU.tu56 Fortran programs.
8E_G77TU.tu56 BASIC.
8E_G81TU.tu56 MULTI8 source.
8E_G82TU.tu56 Calculator, MULTI8/TOPS-8 source.
8E_G83TU.tu56 Fortran II utilites source. FORTX, extended Fortran II

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