PDP-8 File list for bitsavers/tss8

These are DECtape images in TSS/8 save format.
DECtapes from http://www.bitsavers.org/bits/DEC/mixed_media/
Python code to process above files in this directory

The extentions are .TMP for most of the files. Some of them are actually
.SAV, others may be tokenized BASIC.
Running info from 7196 gives this output which
implies that CATLOG should be loadable with BASIC OLD. The BASIC in
TSS/8 available online won't load it. Displaying as 6 bit text shows the
strings but not keywords that .BAS files have.
I have extracted the strings from CATLOG
Likely two of the tapes in unknown are TSS/8 tapes in unknown format.

Clicking on the image name will bring up a directory from which you can download or view individual files.

 Image Name  Description 
 7196.tu56 747-stuff-from-gti-hollins USER TAPE. Has 6 bit text  
7211.tu56 745-al-dueck-program-tape USER TAPE. Has 6 bit text

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