PDP-8 File list for os8

This is a collection of media images in OS/8 format.
Images of OS/8 media found from PDP-8 and PDP-12 systems.
Some have been created for the online PDP-8 or for people who were
needing boot media for their PDP-8.

Clicking on the image name will bring up a directory from which you can download or view individual files.

 Image Name  Description 
 business_basic.rx01 Business Basic Language  
bytemode_diag.rx01 Diagnostic floppy in more efficient byte mode format
cis_progs.tu56 Computer Interface Systems board test software
commercial-basic.rx01 Commercial Basic Language
dewar-editor.rk05 DEWAR Information Systems Editor and Assembler
diag-games-kermit.rk05 DEC diagnostic pack with games and kermit
diagflop1.rx02 Diagnostic Floppy
diagpack2.rk05 DEC diagnostic pack
dial-decus.tu56 PDP-12 Dial Decus Programs
disk2.fortran.rk05 Fortran IV pack from a PDP-12
dkrxa.rx01 Diagnostic Floppy
edu30.tu56 EDUsystem 30 Basic
educomp_qbol_sample.rx01 QBOL Language Sample Programs
foc71-omsi.tu56 Focal 71 with Sample Programs & Games
focal71-boot-os8.tu56 Focal 71 on a TD8E Bootable DECtape
fortran-plot.tu56 Fortran Plotting Routines
games.tu56 Games and Kermit
haygood-diags.rk05 Diagnostics
haygood-osv3r.rk05 OS8 V3R Pack, build doesn't work.
maindec_basic.rx01 Commercial Basic and Diagnostics
maindec_basic2.rx01 Commercial Basic and Diagnostics
maindecs.rx01 Diagnostics
multos8.rk05 Multos-8 Multiuser Operating System
omsi30-basic.tu56 OMSI 30 Basic & Tek 4010 Graphics
os78-disk1.rx01 OS/78 for VT78, R Command not working
os78v1-1-kermit.rx01 OS/78 for VT78 with Kermit
os78v1-1.rx01 OS/78 for VT78 Disk 1, R Command not working
os78v1-2.rx01 OS/78 for VT78 Disk 2
os78v3_0.rx02 OS/78 V3.0 for VT78
ws78_diagnostics-1-17-86.rx01 VT78/WS78 diagnostics
os8-boot-diag.tu56 TD8E Bootable Diagnostics & Basic
os8-boot-fort.tu56 TD8E Bootable Fortran IV
tc08diag.tu56 TC08 Bootable Diagnostic Tape
os8_rx.rx01 OS/8 with Basic
os8basic-v4a.tu56 OS/8 with Basic V4A
os8f4_rx.rx01 OS/8 Fortran IV
os8v3d2-2.tu56 OS/8 V3D Distribution Tape 2
pdp12.rk05 Pack from a PDP-12
pdp8-12.rk05 Pack from a PDP-12
ps8-focal71-teco-omsi.tu56 Focal71 and TECO source
qbol-sources.rx01 QBOL Compiler Source
qbol.rx01 QBOL Disk
quodata_qbol_system.rx01 Quodata QBOL System Disk
sandiego79.tu56 Teco, Direct and other Files
supersked.tu56 Supersked stimulus response testing
tek4010.tu56 Tektronix 4010 Drawing Program
as-6714k-ma.rx01 PDP-8/A Diagnostic disk AS-6714K-MA AJRXB-K
baird_games.rx01 Game disk for Biard spectrometer
vep210_diag.rx01 Diagnostic and utilites for Data Systems Design (DSD) floppy drives
dsd210_diag_err.rx01 Diagnostic and utilites for Data Systems Design (DSD) floppy drives, cyl 7 sector 4 read error
fortx.rx01 FORTX - Fortran II with structured Fortran and Fortran IV extensions
fortx_docs.rx01 FORTX documentation
fortx_src.rx01 FORTX source
fortx_utl.rx01 FORTX utility programs
ras.rk05 RASBOL (R.A. Smith Buisness Oriented Language), RASTIM (Multiuser)
hume.rk05 Hume
pascal1.rx01 Pascal disk 1 (From Lawrence LeMay ex site, more http://ftp.dbit.com/pub/pdp8/pascal/)
pascal2.rx01 Pascal disk 2 (From Lawrence LeMay ex site)
johnson.rk05 Garrett Johnson disk
johnson_fixed.rk05 Garrett Johnson disk with EDU25 files fixed. See README.TX in image.
mcdermott_1.tu56 John McDermott tape 1
mcdermott_2.tu56 John McDermott tape 2

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