PDP-8 File list for os8/DECmate_I

This is a collection of media images in OS/8 format.
These images were created for a DECmate I with 8" RX02 floppy drives
These were created from the OS78V4 source and binaries in
ftp://ftp.update.uu.se/pub/pdp8/pdp-8/os78/v4/ and the various other
images on this site.

Clicking on the image name will bring up a directory from which you can download or view individual files.

 Image Name  Description 
 os78v4.rx02 OS78V4 with basic, pfocal, kermit, fortran  
advent_music.rx02 Adventure, music program, and a fortran sample program
newgames.rx02 Basic, focal games and chess (chekmo)

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