PDP-8 File list for os8l

These are a collection of media images in OS/8 LINKtape format
Images of OS/8 LINCtapes used on a PDP-12

Clicking on the image name will bring up a directory from which you can download or view individual files.

 Image Name  Description 
 decus-12-95.linc DECUS 12-95 PDP-12 PS/8 Utility Programs, see WRITE2.UP  
ds8-2nd-tape.linc OS/8 PDP-12 Utilities Source
os8-system-4.linc OS/8 System tape #4, Laborarory Computer Files
ps-8-system-25.linc PS/8 System tape with configuration source
al-3580c-bp.linc OS/8 V3D Distribution Tape 1
al-3581c-bp.linc OS/8 V3D Distribution Tape 2
updts-dohme1.linc Document Formatting Programs
uw_focal_4e.linc UW Focal Version 4-E source and Focal programs
student_tape_19-b_305.linc Student tape for C.I.S. 305
jlf-1301.linc OS/8 Utilities
jlf-1304.linc FORTRAN Load Files
os8-demo-900.linc OS/8 Demonstration Programs
os8-demo.linc OS/8 Demonstration Programs

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