PDP-8 File list for reder/dial

These are a collection of media images in DIAL format
Images of Steve Reder's DIAL LINCtapes used on a PDP-12

The tapes d2_elaine.linc d5_andrew.linc 16.linc 31.linc 35.linc
37.linc 39.linc 43.linc don't have a valid directory so are not
show. They are available from here
Some were labeled data with information on what blocks contained data
and none had included paper directory listings. It is likely they
do not have a file system.

Clicking on the image name will bring up a directory from which you can download or view individual files.

 Image Name  Description 
 13.linc This tape looks bad with the same data repeated after block 0563  
14.linc 14
15d.linc 15d
15.linc 15
17.linc 17
19.linc 19
20.linc 20
21.linc 21
22.linc 22
23.linc 23
24.linc 24
25.linc 25
26.linc 26
27.linc 27
28.linc 28
29.linc 29
30.linc 30
33.linc 33
34.linc 34
36.linc 36
38.linc 38
40.linc 40
41.linc 41
42.linc 42
50.linc 50
anova.linc anova
averages.linc averages
reder.linc Reder
unlabled1.linc unlabeled1
unlabled2.linc Block past 777 referred to in **SE2E** don't seem to exist on tape. Tape image does not have them.
unlabled3.linc unlabeled3

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