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Memories from Hans Hamerling

At the place I was working in my past, they had a pdp-8 with an implementation of the TRAC language. This was after my experience with machine langauge and ALGOL-60, cps a derivate from pl1 on IBM-360, my third higher level language I have learned. And I must say, that it was a very nice experience. At that time you had to work with teletypes with papertape as external memory but you could do something with this machines. I have made my own implementation of the ALGOL-60 language in TRAC, it was slow because it was an interpreter, but it was working. I like to remember and tell you about it now because I am 70 almost 71 years old now. This was all in my learning to be a programmer. But because of my handicap it seemed I could not do it as a profession. But happily it was MY decision. I like to tell you this.

Hans Hamerling
The Netherlands.

From further discussion this was about 1970 to 1972 at the Technical University of Delft.

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