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<65X98,DH,([H1,YDW41: H;(KH\$L4XWD+\[3<+/2H([LK *HA$[HP/X4T;H2P!D 0=L ( ?8GLP??SRCC!4PAPDDATCE6 6B>QAL]20B??-	O=E4G6>)G8>A>)?2:CC 2B%=BHHM<B,7HE H 8ULI?)D-E H?08AB!0ACO?;B&F=G3FHG,LC>6C90FF)G&GC?J;?8FKFRB%"HLBC?<LDLB$LA?/>&G5BMOFOA?B">ACME$B\PE3?1? FPC
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("^,^-0.L5^+^*^(	?	>^	J*X%(%]KJ(888!J)=H/=X%(	<K%L8AXHHH8!J,?H/=9E	;%LZ+J+> HH
:8AXI	9.PO:<(*/8!["K"HH?*:HH8!["O8[EO7J([K$[%K%0+K	[%O2A0,;J*K[<P+RH;KE[E0*+R0-S"+AHI>(.-0Y*.0^0&K&>(.-*.=2X&K.X$%^/(KJPBJ
!3/RL5%A\L	? 9J<=(/>8!Z=9E3%LZ?J?> *S8A[/H<*V8 [/;E[8 J;=H/>J:8!K?H/>J?>(*5	=J;8!Z?J:9F8DJ>Z-: :J-H;R?*+:.0G5XH?5^.5C	?!)1]:K*=(+	K-? +	K*9F8F8FK.ZK+8!1[:K,> K)J8 1X8 1Z:K/<(+$?H/</;[/0 /0 />W?:((MPX4	7%\CG2A/3<B"2%O\LL5%A8 HH<(8AX%	?%]KJ
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7O25Y0A	9">	1
1	.">K^[Y8AKY[[O1< +[8 <H:/KB[KKKX%	?KK?/
5Z*(<B0!3 >L5%$ : ;\
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(8AZY%L<(8 9H<X*KRY*F8D"!JY8!ZYOA2A9HRY*R8DC$	>.%L"!K$
A2A.Z[$	=%L9O<[A<XH;O;Z,.!:1Y<H/:0Y<H*90!<B0"/90^0&K> /9%./8==OAXISA%L\I	=%L\I8A	=%L\I/AO78!
6O59F8DK,[*1Y+W1]:H;K*$	4W6+[W3+O/2[*K*8A[)/$4;<B<B<B<B<B!$ =\  : ? ;>E"7"%\]\^!3
C[!%6;$%*3;: %YLRXZ: HRXL?H*RHPAX/?2A%6%*3;;$HPXP: HP[ ;$%Y%W*O XZ*+K!> **HXR%V*+	>;&%YLR[*2AK*
 K!> /7;(D\/63SA%,PERM NAME?-.8DI-PY>H%:H[%:/+HXU/	N]N&!?^ GGKFF9R(F4

Feel free to contact me, David Gesswein with any questions, comments on the web site, or if you have related equipment, documentation, software etc. you are willing to part with.  I am interested in anything PDP-8 related, computers, peripherals used with them, DEC or third party, or documentation. 

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