File DHTSCB.DG (diagnostic Executable)

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This file as a plain text file

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%5. 99 :: ;; << 7 ?*( 7*(?..;$ .8!?>(+ > + > + > +;$ ?..; 88 @YTMA 0@ @#ixy}(= e6*W($BV29"b9")"',A,lLxLQ@BLW"]e"Jt4n.{P|qAVj!t(/0"yz(zwr)ur)"(z2u"r*0J b +fPn+%J++b!D+b&+qM$o?6ruij!t(/O0"yz(Uz0!.v(/U.(Uzwr)9.$(/LT+@0L  n ftjyz Lz0J tijxz /L0"nKtis1,8?~xPTy, H"IbrHrHrTrjKJ G{0.P`&tjKJ G{0H [(/G02nU`&tjKJ G{0H [(/G02nNji!Tb Ez''$qIhF[9L08P|p&S"QTiLT9
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0Sbfnmi> -zfdhk&l)%+Vbnifid`k9i:;fck>2+Q&V&nmif>b XzdbchkNlMF0SbVbnimfi> /od)bchkel)d]+pp&l@9AER0uH>Q&V&nmfi>b zdhk iG(/bhkiG(/chkl0SbVbnimfi> /5d)hk.i)Gb(byhk7i)Gb(cyhk?l),%+ `]'a^'_gKBUlb& J{qcJ0$K0uv^T` B0LT"``n@Ruuc `(rHnu^1 /Q"SrVbnifmi:@;bAhik (fmi>b )z@)&A*&d)@&*A&hk.((/5i)>(/k)/m)iG(byhk5m)iG az<!.: /L="!;b(az<)&=*&(/Z:"<;b=<d=tc)<&*=&hk>i)<b!:b oz=!.;(/=k)cl)
+t"@t@<@@F=g3f+3n V&S& _fd( /e:]&;^&:b!Jb fy (fmiG /&:"]<&;^"=hikmiG B<")=b*b(;z:<&;=&<O=cI)b<*b=hik)lm9i:!.< /T;"!=b((vkH(b )zl0hdbzm i_(vzquq  yo({zqq <yykfd+C4P|i}#n&B`i}}Lf}yai'ofd(/b)cLK(/.$.: /T;" Tz' /8/0)V bUM ]r(^r! f"bO(R"HgIhb" b](/R""!"f ?&F.n!&:@&;A&m_$>mYr#fkhR$_4Ck !Ovz"@pzz{b&Nk0t-U?U!R-U-E~YTZU!RE?RA\RCRubFRZ(/L
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Feel free to contact me, David Gesswein with any questions, comments on the web site, or if you have related equipment, documentation, software etc. you are willing to part with.  I am interested in anything PDP-8 related, computers, peripherals used with them, DEC or third party, or documentation. 

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