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J.O'C 2.02 5/31/79	
					LIST	List file
ASSIGN	Assign name to device		LOAD	Load file
BASIC	Enter BASIC system		MAP	Print bitmap
BOOT	Bootstrap RX02 or RL01		MEMORY	Restrict memory usage
CANCEL	Shut down symbiont		ODT	Run octal debugger
COMPARE	Compare source files		PAL	Assemble file
COMPILE	Compile FORTRAN, PAL, and BASIC	QUEUE	Queue print file (symbiont)
COPY	Copy file			R	Run program from SYS:
CREATE	Open new file for editing	RENAME	Rename file
CREF	Assemble and cref		REQUEST	Start up symbiont
DATE	Specify date			RUN	Run program
DEASSI	Deassign logical devices	SAVE	Save program image
DELETE	Delete file			SET	Alter device characteristics
DIRECT	Print directory			SQUISH	Compress device
DUPLIC	Copy diskette			START	Start program
EDIT	Edit file			SUBMIT	Start BATCH
EXECUTE Load/run FORTRAN, BASIC or PAL 	TERMIN	Stop OS/78 and run program
FORMAT	Format RL01 disks		TYPE	Type file
GET	Get program into memory 	UA	Save command
HELP	List help information		ZERO	Zero device

&BASIC BASIC.SV @Calling Commands: .BASIC @Internal Commands: BYE Exit from BASIC EDIT Edit a line LIST List current program's statements NAME Rename current program NEW Prepare for a new program OLD Retrieve an old program RUN Run current program SAVE Save current program SCRATCH Delete current program SEQ Begin auto sequence mode
&BOOT BOOT.SV @Calling Commands: .BOOT/dv @dv = RX to boot from RL01 disk to RX02 diskette = RL to boot from RX02 diskette to RL01 disk
&COMPAR SRCCOM.SV @Calling Commands: .COMPAR outdev:file.PA<indev:file1.PA,indev:file2.PA .COMPAR outfile.PA<infile1.PA,infile2.PA - - - -(files on DSK) @Switches: /B Compare blank lines /C Don't compare (slashed) comments /S Don't compare tabs and spaces /T Convert tabs to spaces on output /X Don't compare or print comments @ERRORS: ?0 Insufficient memory ?1 Input error file 1 (or less than 2 input files) ?2 Input error file 2 ?3 Output file too large ?4 Output error ?5 Can't open output file
&COMPILE F4.SV, PAL8.SV, or BASIC.SV @FORTRAN Calling Commands: (Compile FORTRAN PROGRAM) .COMPILE outdev:ralffilE.RL,outdev:listfile.LS,outdev:mapfile.MP<indev:file.FT .COMPILE infile.FT - - - -(from DSK) @Switches: /L Chain to loader to create load-image file (use loader options too) /G Same as /L and runs program /N Suppress internal statement numbers /Q Optimize cross-statement subscripting .HELP F4ERR (Prints FORTRAN error messages) PAL8 and BASIC Calling Commands: (Assemble PAL program compile, load and run BASIC program) See HELP for PAL8 and BASIC
&CREF CREF.SV @Calling Commands: .CREF outdev:binfile.BN,outdev:listfile.LS,outdev:tempfile.TM<indev:file.PA .CREF indev:file.PA - - (listing to LPT only) .CREF infile.PA - - - - (listing to LPT, input file on DSK) @Switches: /E Don't delete temporary CREF file (CREFLS.TM) /M CREF files with many symbols in 2 passes (twice as slow) /P No pass 1 listing /U No listing or symbol table /X No literals
&DIRECT DIRECT.SV @Calling Commands .DIR dev:filespec (* = wild name or extension) (? = wild character) .DIR @Switches: /B Include starting block numbers (octal) /C List only files with current date /E Include empties /F Fast mode /M List empties only /O List only files with other than today's date /R List remainder of files after first one (but use /C,/O) /U Treat each input specification separately /V List files not of form specified =n Use n columns
&DUPLIC RXCOPY.SV @Calling Commands: .DUPLIC outdev:<indev: @Switches: /C Default, copy and match /D Format output diskette to double-density (RX02) /M Match with no implied copy /N Copy with no implied match /P Pause before and after accessing disk /R Read output device with no implied copy or match /S Format output diskette to single-density (RX02)
&EDIT &CREATE EDIT.SV **************************************** @Calling Commands: * Internal Commands: * .EDIT outdev:file.PA<indev:file.PA * A Append text * .CREATE outfile.PA * B List # locations left * * C Change text * @Switches: * D Delete text * /A Return to editor on close * E Transfer rest of data,close * /B Convert spaces to tab * F After j,resume search * /D Predelete * G Get and list tagged line * * I Insert text * Errors: * J Inter-buffer search * ?0 Input error * K Kill buffer * ?1 Output error * L List text * ?2 Close error * M Wove text * ?3 Open error * N Write text,read next page * ?4 Couldn't load handler * P Write buffer to output * * Q Immediate end of file * * R Read from input device * * S Character search * * V List on line printer * * Y Input page,no output * ****************************************
&EXECUTE PAL8.SV and ABSLDR.SV F4.SV, FRTS.SV, and LOAD.SV BASIC.SV, BRTS.SV, and BLOAD.SV (Compile, assemble, load, and run PAL, FORTRAN, @Calling Commands: and BASIC programs) .EXECUTE indev:file NOTE See BASIC, COMPILE, LOAD, and PAL Commands for additional command strings and options.
&FORMAT FORMAT.SV @CALLING COMMAND: .FORMAT RL01 @SWITCHES: /0 Drive 0 /1 Drive 1(default) /P Pause before and after formatting disk CAUTION: If drive zero selected, be sure to change disk before continuing. /P automatically occurs for drive zero.
&F4ERR AA Too many args are arrays ML Multiply defined line numbers AS Bad ASSIGN statement MM Mismatched parenthesis BD Bad dimensions MO Expected operand missing BS Bad statement in BLOCK DATA MT Mixed variable types CL Bad complex literal OF Error writing output file CO Syntax error in COMMON OP Illegal operator DA Bad syntax in DATA statement OT Wrong operand type DE Illegal statement at end of DO PD Compiler stack overflow DF Bad DEFINE FILE statement PH Bad program header line DH Hollerith field error QL Nesting error in equivalence DL Wrong data/variable list length QS Syntax error in EQUIVALENCE DN DO-END missing RD Redefining variable dimensions DO Syntax error in do RT Redefining variable type DP Bad DO loop parameter RW Syntax error in read/write EX Syntax error in EXTERNAL SF Bad arithmetic function GT Syntax error in GOTO SN Illegal name in call GV Variable not INTEGER or REAL SS Subscript expression error HO Hollerith field error ST Symbol table full IE Error reading input file SY System error IF Improper statement TD Bad syntax in type declaration LI Bad arg to logical IF US Undefined statement number LT Input line too long VE Version error MK Misspelled keyword
&LOAD **PAL8 PROGRAMS** .LOAD indev:binfile.BN,... @Switches: /8 Prog doesn't use below 02000 /9 Prog doesn't use below 12000 /G Execute program /I Memory image file /R Reset /S Multiple binaries/file /ff Force loading to field ff (ff is two octal digits) =ffnnnn Set starting address **FORTRAN PROGRAMS** .LOAD outdev:file.LD<indev:file1.RL,... @Switches: /C Continue on next line (use RET for cont. lines and ESC for last line) /G Chain to run-time system and execute program (terminate line with ESC to give I/O specifications and with RET to begin execution) /S Print symbol map
&MAP BITMAP.SV @Calling Commands: .MAP outdev:mapfile.MP<indev:file.BN,... @Switches: /n Force mapping of all files to field n (0-7) /R Reset internal map /S Allow multiple binaries per file /T Select TTY (default) or LPT output format
&ODT ODT @Calling Commands: .ODT @Internal Commands: ffnnnn/ Open loc nnnn+ Open current loc+nnnn / Reopen last opened loc nnnn- Open current loc-nnnn nnnn Deposit nnnn in open loc nnnnG Go from loc nnnn <cr> Close previously opened loc nnnnB Insert breakpoint at loc nnnn <lf> Close loc, open next loc B Remove breakpoint ^ Close,open loc addressed A Open AC _ Close,open loc pointed to L Open link M Open search mask C Continue from breakpoint M<lf> Open lower search limit nnnnC Continue nnnn times M<lf><lf> Open upper search limit D Open data field nnnnW Search for nnnn in limits F Open field for ^,_, W and B CTRL/O Supress printing commands
&PAL PAL8.SV @Calling Commands: .PAL outdev:binfile.BN,outdev:listfile.LS,outdev:tempfile.TM<indev:file.PA .PAL infile.PA @Switches: /B Treat ! as byte shift /K Use extra memory /C Chain to CREF /L Load /E Enable error msg on link generated /N No listing /F Disable 0-fill in TEXT pseudop /O Disable origin 200 /G Load and execute program /S No symbol table /H Non-paginated output /T No form feeds /J Don't list lines conditionalized out /W Don't remember literals .HELP PALERR prints PAL8 error messages
&PALERR PAL8.SV ASSEMBLY ERRORS BE Tables overlapped CF REF.SV not on SYS: DE Device error DF Device full IC Illegal character ID Illegal redefinition IE Illegal equals II Illegal indirect IP Illegal pseudo-op IZ Illegal page zero reference LD SYS:ABSLDR.SV not found LG Link generated PE Page exceeded PH End of source conditionalized out RD Redefinition SE Symbol table exceeded UO Undefined origin US Undefined symbol ZE Page 0 exceeded
&QUE &QUEUE SPOOLR.SM (DECstation 78 spooler sybiont) @Calling Commands: .QUEUE listfile,... @Switches: /2 2 pages of header block /COPIES:n Queue up n (octal) copies /LIST List files already in queue /N Print no header block
&SET SET.SV @Calling Commands: dev: = lineprinter (LPT:) .SET dev: [NO] parameter(s) terminals (TTY:, SLUx:, and VLUx:) system (SYS:) @Parameters: ARROW Display CTRL codes as ^char instead of code COL n Set number of TTY columns used by DIRECT ECHO Restore terminal character echoing ESC Echo ESC (033) as dollar sign (044) on TTY GAG TTY tells you a joke HEIGHT n Set terminal screen height n INIT cmd Cause SYS to execute cmd on bootstrapping LC Declare lineprinter to have lower case PAGE Restore termianl CTRL/S and CTRL/Q facilities PAUSE n Set TTY pause time to n seconds (1 - 85) READONLY Declare device to be read only SCOPE Erase character on terminal in response to DEL WIDTH n Set width of lineprinter or terminal to n .SET HANDLER old<new old = Handler to be replaced new = Handler to be inserted .SET HANDLER /L Display list of current handlers
&SUBMIT BATCH.SV @Calling Commands: .SUBMIT spooldev:<batchfile.BI - - - - (batchfile must be on SYS:) @Switches: /E Don't abort on monitor, and CCL errors /H Suppress BATCH log and terminal output /Q Send only $JOB and $MSG lines to log /T Send output from processing to terminal only /U Accept no terminal input except CRTL/C
&LIST &COPY &RENAME &DELETE &TYPE FOTP.SV @Calling Commands: .COPY outdev:file.ex<indev:file.ex (* = wild name or extension) .REN outdev:newfile.ex<indev:oldfile.ex (? = wild character) .DEL dev:file.ex .LIST dev:file.ex - - - - (same as: .COPY LPT:<indev:file.ex) .TYPE dev:file.ex - - - - (same as: .COPY TTY:<indev:file.ex) @Switches: /C Match only files with current date /F Request new device if no room on current device /N No pre-delete /O Match only files with other than today's date /Q Query user about file before operation /T Use today's date /U Treat each input specification separately /V Match files not of form specified
&ASSIGN &CANCEL &DATE &DEASSIGN &GET &MEMORY &R &REQUEST &RUN &SAVE &START &SQUISH &TERMIN &UA &ZERO COMMANDS WITH SINGLE ARGUMENT @Calling Commands: .ASSIGN dev name Assign name to device .CANCEL Stop symbiont mode (DECstation 78 only) .DATE dd-mon-yy Enter date into system .DEASSIGN Deassign logical device names .GET dev:file.ex Load memory image (.SV) file .MEMORY n Specify highest memory field available .R file Execute from SYS .REQUEST file.SM Request file.SM to run in symbiont mode (DECstation 78 only) .RUN dev:file.ex Execute file.ex from the device .SAVE dev:file.ex Save memory image (.SV) .SQUISH dev: Compress file storage on device .START fnnnn Start execution at location fnnnn (octal) .TERMIN Stop OS/78 operation and run TERMIN.SV .UA commandline Save commandline (type: .UA<cr> to execute it) .ZERO dev: Zero device's directory

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