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ACKNLG=0025;	ACM1=7240;	ACM2=7344;	ACM3=7346
AC0001=7301;	AC0002=7326;	AC2000=7332;	AC3777=7350
AC4000=7330;	AC7775=7346;	AC7776=7344;	AC7777=7240
l N:|"1<<b::7:;B:|=(/~H4z:.}: =b=F<(( H4@jjeD^ Iz|(?\{)?z (XzbV^bjXWyaxf-jeDIjsqD>w"ofnqVnv}0vrrj=>b-jg g
(${!j}?GFLHF/!o~'H>+4Hc-}H.cIoI|0{F&I30(X~!nGIcnIICdITzr@Ic EFFtF/(0GOyf-Ec-GGB@CzE>JFBJE* xrF&/0byrf`RcbTb@/+`$Ya$]`"* xa"Jk; CONTIN=0001; COREND=7546; C@ 0A>rj@@b~b lH?Z}"Vn@DJ|($ C177=0055; C2=0045; C200=0056; C212=0057 C215=0060; C240=0061; C260=0062; C3=0046 C37=0052; C3700=0063; C4=0047; C6201=0064 C7=0050; C70=0v#p])| DATEXTOPS-8 V6D TERMINAL #1 DATEXTOPS-8 V6D TERMINAL #2 DATEXTOPS-8 V6D TERMINAL #3@b~G }I,| |{@(?A&@@C@dz&y= x&(?=")bw&y); 6@7@.c)r*r!)bt@$@
JA^y 0`D"Mlv@@c,ufZu&t7sr'AcqA~Mp'oKn&mn9jmK nI|mK0X>a +8r}{"|z|pnP@O# fr7~7}|'{z' ANy0xA>
&{I@w vBc(#z 'u"t"sbrb l<t)q"pcbu'42& |Ayi o @n"`m{?l k{j&i,bh&?2rg&4N. L{QPfe;s 0}}{ W~`|MPak0ntzzpq&~&}&7DJ|{'z&y&tx"1jd 6wI / "z&7 Bv&7tC zAwi u 7@&tIQs @,r |qIpon&ml2[bkF.jbiish|tQPg[2fe+: S),:(" BAn@?}yO+;K{@`q_wP^XB1OlQP~}3|${?~~| z&l <tJy'AbxV~w'v"
d,u&t&s&7r"-J @NqB&M^NYpK<lQd4(Q68M OO . O!FP9W*P
^JUPeYP )[2 \<: {_HGENy[ "?& C(O@/~Alt}6'}'t|"cz@l{:m +JpC Po +^ -- 6-!N?qGe Hq iS*nq;  H0 Hg!3"P"O ")"S. "
Z"Sg,"1<[H- !f&~&#(zJ B!}`(|r|"!g{zy2xD.wb0@"l!Ov>u /tS3TG SDTUD-,sr(?zHq{{4zvpG <LFJLo@(n{m(?l<k |##<aO ;HLe_?NLpO c+O0&?PQdQ 6?(@0 z|%@?N=_:I+;` P |+ -K+( +(6:+D +(R :+\ +(p:+
+(J+! +(@J+P +(^J+  O+d6+dCJ n :hd:8d1J(+{~ ~C(:0&!LE.C0}C(|C(I0{,Q,ddbz(/y" _z+e bO$+g IO E@C14LtV@Lt{ILt PLt*}p ?LRBx#WDLx#B x3O3MVTU3xV$A' T U3x2T #U3x( Dx@LRB+ c QN QN8SnR DDN`YzELB">WDL+ c QN QN8SnWDL+ e`M4LWDL(E`4 5TR@ TPLN! @NQR DDN`
C`2p Yz@B ; c QN QN8SnR RETN"`B 3>hT 8A1T`@O3M[ S QN QN8SnO eA S`QO4R`@ 5NUHRn1AHT?R RETN"`NP .x0SR ` 5`8EK!R DDN`C FSNcnV@YzDO3M[ R`@ CO` QTMV`1`QP#R O6R Xxm1O1!8BFn l> b8p?" z'J ,<0111 1 1 1
11111111d1T"6`66c6LF664M6c6NF LSQ&{U"({v1<O (6t6KC^Y4@O@@/@p /@Qq/HQr/PQs/XQt/`Qu/hQv/pQw/xQp"pq%pr(ps+p._ P0
P0 P0 P0 P0 P0 P0 P0 pxMQq xQ=rxUQs xY=tx]Qu xa=vxeQw xi= 3 s 2 r 1 q 0p% pFFY@EIQBSa.FnO:0XP"XQ"?~ R"JEXS"9oXS"F;XS"a<XV".4XV"9jXV"oGX["g\0X\" E,1 KEGH /R;<1'8? 0@NPs@xy|}
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Feel free to contact me, David Gesswein with any questions, comments on the web site, or if you have related equipment, documentation, software etc. you are willing to part with.  I am interested in anything PDP-8 related, computers, peripherals used with them, DEC or third party, or documentation. 

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