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 505 1974 Field Service Technical Manual December 1974 
 2046 DECUS 8-479 PDP-8/E Instruction Simulators for Other PDP-8S August 1971 
Language Focal
 2063 Focal 8 Sales Literature Unknown 
 1045 PDP-8 Diagnostic Programs Index by Options (instuctions for most MAINDEC's) January 1973 
 77 PDP-8/E Extended Memory Address Test (EA8E) May 1976 
 1032 PDP-8E Extended Memory Address Test (EA8E) June 1971 
 76 PDP-8/E Extended Memory Data & Checkerboard Test February 1976 
 21 PDP-8/E Instruction Test 1 May 1971 
 22 PDP-8/E Instruction Test 2 June 1971 
 951 PDP-8/E Memory Extension and Timeshare Control Test November 1970 
 170 PDP8-E Memory Extension and Time Share Control Test June 1972 
 171 PDP8-E Memory Extension and Time Share Control Test October 1971 
 73 PDP-8/E Memory Power On/Off Test June 1971 
 1015 PDP-8/E Teletype and KL8 Asynchronous Data Control Tests April 1972 
 75 PDP-8/E Teletype and KL8 Asynchronous Data Control Tests April 1972 
 244 PDP-8/A Print Set for Semicondutor Memory Machines 1977, 1981 
 954 Illustrated Parts Breakdown PDP8E 12 BIT Computer 1974 
 243 MM8EJ 8Kx12 Core Memory  
 46 PDP-8/E PDP-8/F & PDP-8/M Processor Maintenance Manual Volume 1 September 1973 
 223 PDP-8/E Front Panel Control Board (LED)  
 242 PDP-8/E H724, H724A Power Supply Schematic  
 90 PDP-8/E Maintenance Manual Volume 2 February 1975 
 539 PDP-8/E Maintenance Manual Volume 2 February 1973 
 1041 PDP-8/E Notes (Processor logic) Unkown 
 2058 PDP-8/E, PDP-8/F, and PDP8/M Sales Brochure 1973 
 201 PDP-8/E PDP-8/F & PDP-8/M Processor Maintenance Manual Volume 3 January 1974 
 122 PDP-8/E & PDP-8/M Small Computer Handbook 1972 1972 
 2062 PDP-8/E Sales Literature Unknown 

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