PDP-8 Games

Language written in will be specified in [] if known
Adventure [Fortran]
Baron (Resource Management) [Focal 71]
Hangman [Focal 71]
Towers of Hanoi [Focal 71]
King- land & resource management [Basic]
Lunar Lander [Basic]
Space War (Startrek) [Basic]
Tic-tac-toe [Basic]
Hunt the Wumpus [Basic]

There are more games on the disk images, these are only the ones I have put some help online for. Poke around on the various images and see what you find. See the suggested images.

See also
Operating Systems
Web Interface help

Feel free to contact me, David Gesswein djg@pdp8online.com with any questions, comments on the web site, or if you have related equipment, documentation, software etc. you are willing to part with.  I am interested in anything PDP-8 related, computers, peripherals used with them, DEC or third party, or documentation. 

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