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This is two computers sharing a single memory. Only one CPU can be executing instructions at a time. The LINC processor is a 1's complement machine with special instructions for easy use of the input and output equipment and tape drive. The PDP-8 has a better instruction set for general purpose programming. Some of the original LINC instructions are emulated by code running on the PDP-8 to save cost. This machine has 4k 12 bit words of core memory. More when I have time to do research.

This machine was used by Charles Lasner in his home office. He was a PDP-8 expert who was involved in PDP-8's from their heyday till his passing from COVID-19 on April 3rd 2020.

The following picture links also have descriptions of what is shown in the pictures.

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Front (1.6M)  Front without table (1.8M)  Back with door opened (2.8M)
Memory (2.3M)  LINC CPU (2.5M)  PDP-8 CPU (2.6M)  Top inside (2.0M)  Bottom inside (2.9M)  Unhappy cables (2.9M)  Side view (2.3M)

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