Directory of images/bitsavers/tss8/7196.tu56

This directory lists files in TSS/8 SAVE format DECtapes The links below will return the file in various formats.

File name link convert to ASCII text if format can be determined
INFO gives information on executables with a choice of download formats.
Limited documentation on format and less testing that desired so may have issues.

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Unsorted Directory Listing


3DIM  .TMP   4  30-OCT-83 INFO  
BRIDGE       4  21-JUN-84 INFO  
CAM1  .BAS  14  21-JUN-84 INFO  
CAM2  .BAS  16  21-JUN-84 INFO  
CAPTIM       2  21-JUN-84 INFO  
CATLOG.TMP  18  16-DEC-83 INFO  
COMBO        4  21-JUN-84 INFO  
DGM8  .TMP   8  05-JUN-83 INFO  
DRAW  .TMP  24  05-JUN-83 INFO  
ENG1  .TMP  28  05-JUN-83 INFO  
FOCR  .TMP  32  05-JUN-83 INFO  
GA10  .TMP   8  18-JUL-83 INFO  
GAM1  .TMP  44  05-JUN-83 INFO  
GAM2  .TMP  28  13-JUL-83 INFO  
GAM3  .TMP  22  20-JUN-83 INFO  
GAM4  .TMP  26  05-JUN-83 INFO  
GAM5  .TMP  22  05-JUN-83 INFO  
GAM6  .TMP  16  14-JUL-83 INFO  
GAM7  .TMP  20  05-JUN-83 INFO  
GAM8  .TMP  10  29-NOV-83 INFO  
GAM9  .TMP   8  05-JUN-83 INFO  
HALY  .TMP  10  02-OCT-83 INFO  
HISE  .TMP   8  06-FEB-84 INFO  
INFO  .TMP  32  05-JUL-83 INFO  
KOUN  .TMP  10  05-JUN-83 INFO  
LABL  .TMP  18  18-JUN-83 INFO  
LINK  .TMP  14  18-JUN-83 INFO  
LISP  .TMP  18  18-JUN-83 INFO  
LOAD  .TMP  10  18-JUN-83 INFO  
LOSI  .TMP  32  09-JUL-83 INFO  
MA10  .TMP   4  05-JUN-83 INFO  
MA11  .TMP   6  05-JUN-83 INFO  
MA12  .TMP   2  05-JUN-83 INFO  
MAT1  .TMP  22  15-JUN-83 INFO  
MAT2  .TMP  24  16-JUN-83 INFO  
MAT3  .TMP   4  05-JUN-83 INFO  
MAT4  .TMP   8  05-JUN-83 INFO  
MAT5  .TMP  28  24-JUL-83 INFO  
MAT6  .TMP  20  25-JUL-83 INFO  
MAT7  .TMP   6  05-JUN-83 INFO  
MAT8  .TMP   4  05-JUN-83 INFO  
MAT9  .TMP   4  05-JUN-83 INFO  
MCPAR        6  21-JUN-84 INFO  
MCVOM .BAS  10  21-JUN-84 INFO  
MOON  .TMP   8  05-JUN-83 INFO  
ODHI  .TMP   4  18-JUN-83 INFO  
OHMS         2  21-JUN-84 INFO  
PARAL        4  21-JUN-84 INFO  
PGTG  .TMP  14  13-JAN-84 INFO  
PLOT  .TMP  10  30-OCT-83 INFO  
RCAF  .TMP   6  05-JUN-83 INFO  
SERIES       2  21-JUN-84 INFO  
SERPAR       4  21-JUN-84 INFO  
SLIT  .BAC  14  16-DEC-83 INFO  
SNP2  .TMP  10  06-FEB-84 INFO  
SPCE  .TMP  14  05-MAR-84 INFO  
SUBR  .TMP  16  18-JUL-83 INFO  
TPRO  .TMP   4  10-SEP-83 INFO  
TRIP  .TMP  32  05-JUN-83 INFO  
ULOD  .TMP  20  05-JUN-83 INFO  
USAV  .TMP  18  05-JUN-83 INFO  
VOM   .BAS  10  21-JUN-84 INFO  

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