W Series boards

W series board information

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W005 Clamped Load (201K)  back of board (217K)
W070 Teletype Connector (607K)  back of board (667K)
W076 Teletype Connector (474K)  back of board (479K)
W103 PDP-8 Device Selector (225K)  back of board (257K)
W532 Dual AC-Coupled Difference Amplifiers (217K)  back of board (265K)
W533 Dual Rectifying Slicer ( 91K)  back of board (298K)
W705 +3.6 Volt Power Supply (1.2M)  back of board (1.0M)
W706 Teletype Receiver (1.1M)  back of board (338K)
W707 Teletype Transmitter (319K)  back of board (351K)
W990 Bare Board (196K)  back of board (160K)

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