Directory of linctape-images/os8l/jlf-1304.linc

This directory is in the format the OS/8 operating system uses. OS/8 can only store dates for an 8 year period so dates will be shown as 1970-1977 unless the media had a printed directory or other information find the correct date range. The length column is the number of 256-word blocks occupied by the file. The descriptions of the file contents are not part of the image contents but are generated by the web display software. They may not always be an accurate description of the file. The links below will return the file in various formats.

Clicking the file name link will return source files in ASCII and will give a choice of formats with more information on the file for binary files.
Clicking the More link will give more information and a choice of formats to return file in.

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Name  Ext Length   Date
FREQ.LD   68   14-APR-73  More
TDISP.LD   41   20-APR-73  More
DRAWS.LD   58   21-FEB-73  More
HISDIS.LD   61   14-APR-73  More
SHOWS.LD   61   23-FEB-73  More

 5 Files in 289 Blocks - 441 Free blocks

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